081109 Dongwan – Promise (with Younha) at SBS Love Concert

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credits: 2ubD @ youtube

Well, what can I say? They always sound great and look awesome ♥. I love Dongwan’s outfits, they make him look.. warm xD. Younha always looks pretty, and her earring is nice :)!

It’s Dongwan’s last performance before enlisting T___T.

Oh and this is really random, but I watched the SangSangPlus Wanjin cut, which has Dongwan talking about his single, which then led the MCs to start saying that he loves Younha, LOL. Dongwan then said that he likes Younha (I know it’s most probably only as a sunbae, but the MCs just ignored him and kept talking, lmao), but she doesn’t like him. I certainly hope that this isn’t true, ‘cos well, I actually secretly wish that the two will date. HAHA xD.

081108 Dongwan – Promise (with Younha) at Music Core

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credits: 2ubD @ youtube

I’m officially in love with this song ♥. Dongwan sounds a little off in the beginning, but okay after that. They both look great as usual. I love what Younha is wearing, and she’s so pretty guh ♥♥♥. The fans are awesome, they cheered for both Dongwan and Younha really loudly :DD.

081107 Dongwan – Promise (with Younha) at Music Bank

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credits: 80sLN @ youtube

Both of them are looking and SOUNDING great, it’s better than the previous performance :). I lost count how many times I’ve listened to this performance, haha xP. Love the high note at 2:50, the harmonization, and how in the later half of the performance they were looking at each other while singing ♥. I think I’ve said this far too many times, but I really love them so so hard. Dongwan’s one of my favourite members of my favourite boyband, while Younha is my favourite female artist and my #1 girlcrush. Their voices are enough to make me melt into a puddle of goo *_____*.

081106 Dongwan – Promise (with Younha) at Mnet M!Countdown

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credits: wanyi79 @ youtube

The first LIVE performance of this song! Both of them performed really well, albeit slightly shaky at some parts. The harmonisation at the end is love ♥! Love the fans’ cheers, especially how they cheered for Younha as well. Dongwan cut his fringe shorter, but still looking good :D. Younha’s hair grew longer, looking pretty as always ♥. I’m looking forward to more performances of this song in the future, especially since Younha is going to be performing with him every single time ^^.

Gosh, I love both of them so hard ♥♥♥. And I think it’s no secret that I have a huge girlcrush on Younha xPP.


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Shun-kun sure is hot, ne~? ♥

Birthday Post: Heo Young Saeng

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Happy 22nd, Youngsaeng! ^^ Stay healthy and be happy always :).

Youngsaeng! The least crazy and quietest member in SS501, but he can just save his voice for singing; I don’t mind :D! When I first heard him singing I thought that his voice sounds a lot like Ryeowook’s (from Suju), but now I think there’s a unique sound to both of their voices, they don’t sound identical. Besides his beautifuuuul voice and big range, Youngsaeng also has a good technique and he sings with emotion, which sums up why I love him =).

And hence, here’s a few clips of him singing. Seriously, check these out if you haven’t heard him sing before.

I Believe — His voice *____*.

I Will Do Well

Magic Castle

My Baby You — his English isn’t exactly wonderful but he sang this well, especially the high notes.

080808 Find on Music Bank — Youngsaeng just rocks this song =).


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Love their smiles ♥.


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SS501 2009 Calendar making.

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*dies from all the cute*

The boys are looking great :). Love the Youngsaeng/Kyujong (Youngsaeng is looking so pretty in this shoot *__*), Hyungjoon/Jungmin fighting (they are so childish, LMAO), Kyujong’s solo (he’s so adorable, eh?), Hyunjoong/Youngsaeng (they look kinda awkward together, haha xP), and the 5-members scenes.

Here‘s the Japanese one. Cute dorks xD.

Can I get this calendar? haha.

some Epik High performances.

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081017 @ Music Bank – 1 Minute 1 Second

Love the whole setting, how they recorded the whole performance twice and showed the black and white scenes for the verses *__*. The colours are pretty too, watch it in high quality!

201008 Mnet Madame B Salon- Fallin& 1 Minute 1 Second

I love Fallin’ a lot, especially Tablo’s furious rapping starting from 2:52. Taru was there for the second song; she sounds shaky at some parts, maybe because it’s her first time performing this song. I really really like Mithra’s low voice in the background during Tablo’s singing verse.

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