080330 Shinhwa 10th Anni. Seoul Concert

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[08.03.30][News] Fan’s surprise present made SHINHWA shed their tears

Group SHINHWA during their 10 years Anniversary Concert, because the management company & Fans had prepared a special surprise present, thus they shed their tears which they had been holding back real strong.

On 30th afternoon 5pm, Seoul Olympic Garden Stadium hold SHINHWA 10th Annivesary Concert “SHINHWA Must Go On 10th Anniversary Live”

In this day, including the encore track, after ended their 3 hours 30 mins performance, when the members walk down from the stage, the screen on stage were showing interview clips with people who was with SHINHWA for 10 years.

SHINHWA’s current management company GOODemg ParkKwanYoung representator, SHINHWA ex management company SM Entertainment ex representator Mr Kim, SM period’s manager, Hyesung & Eric’s mother, their hairstylist during their debut, fan club SHINHWACHANJO member and so on, they were in the clip congratulate SHINHWA on the 10th Anniversary, hoping they they will be together forever, becoming the Asia and the World best group.

The member sat on stage, after watching the clips and under the fans’ cheering, they silently wiping off their tears.

Then, SHINHWACHANGJO pushed in a cake with a candle shaped in the number ’10’, finally, the members hug together and tears couldnt stop flowing. The fans too cried while singing the birthday song.

The 2nd floor and 3rd floor’s fans silently turn on their play card which they had prepared and written with “Forever Loving You All” together, the members totally being touched with it.

This year, SHINHWA Eric & KimDongWan will be enlisting, then following with the other members. Within 3 years of period SHINHWA will not be together on stage. Because of this, SHINHWA, fans, and the management company staff, everybody’s foot were on weight and nobody wanted to leave the stage, tears keep on following when the time passes.

Source:Yonhap News
Cn Trans:evmist@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz



I found lots of pictures at Soompi and ShinhwaChangjo, so I’m gonna post some of them here. ^^





Credits: Dongwan Baidu Bar + ShinHyeSung.co.kr + Yoenin + EricVoice + ShinhwaChangjo + Soompi + as tagged


10000 AWWWs won’t be able to represent how I feel now.


I watched the ending of the concert; the fans sang together for them, and you can see all of them trying hard to hold back their tears. Lots of hugs, tears, and a whole 5 minutes of mixed emotions for my part. The scene was very touching; it signifies the bond not just between Shinhwa members but also the fans who have been with them throughout their journey, but at the same time I’m really sad that they’ll only be together again in at least 3 years. Initially I was quite happy that at least Hyesung isn’t going, but after I watched the video and saw Hyesung crying hard, I can’t help but think that he must feel a tad of loneliness inside. But really, don’t worry guys, we’ll be here, whether it’s now, 3 years later, or during your 20th Anniversary.



Shinhwa must will go on! ♥


080329 Shinhwa concert/10th Anni. press conference

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I’m kicking myself in the head for not being able to fly to Korea to attend their concert. But well.. it can’t be helped. Just record the DVD and distribute it faster, Good Entertainment. ♥

So I’ll post pictures instead. Okay I’ll admit that I just thought that the boys were smiley, seemed like they were having fun, and looked sfkdhfkdks gorgeous, hence the pictures should be shared. xD

The concert ..




The press conference..




^from the looks of it, Dongwan was saying something embarrassing. haha.

^LMAO. ILU Dongwan. ♥

Credits: Flashback + ShinHyeSung.co.kr + immaschool.com + as tagged + ShinhwaChangjo


Their new song, 다시 한 번만 (Just One More Time), has been playing on repeat on my iPod since like, four days ago. Every time the song ends I’d be thinking “Just one more time!” and listen to it again. Okay I’m getting lame. xP It’s such a NICE song; everyone sounds great – Hyesung sorta dominates the song (I wish the rest would sing more but Hyesung’s voice is slfdjdjfdk godly; I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing =X), Dongwan’s voice sounds clear, Minwoo’s emotive, Junjin sounds normal (he doesn’t have much part), Eric’s rapping is always ♥ and Andy’s rap part was catchy. I LOVE this song to bits (can’t you tell? lol); can’t wait for the album!

Anyway, the tracklist for the special edition of the album was out a few days ago, and there are only 9 songs in it. T.T I was expecting more, now it’s even less than normal albums! Don’t tell me that there are only 9 songs ‘cos it’s their 9th album. D: I hope there are either more songs in this special edition, or in the normal one (in which case I’ll buy it too). *crosses fingers*

Shinhwa pictures! xD

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I feel wrong if all I post for Shinhwa Day is just one long post of incoherent spazzing. So I’m posting pictures, ‘cos I really think that they deserve more love than they’re getting from this blog. Congratulate me for reaching 1,000 pictures in my Shinhwa folder! it’s so freakin’ little compared to.. haha.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

credit: Shinhwa Changjo, as tagged.

I think that’s enough for now. Solo pictures will have to wait until their birthdays. Can I say that I’m really looking forward to them so that I can spazz about all 6 of them? Anyway, honestly I used to think that all of them looked… below average (maybe except for Dongwan, whom I thought looked just alright). *gets shot* I really find them good-looking now, though. All the hot and cute! Don’t you agree that their smiles can melt steel? ^^

I’m waiting for my Shinhwa 9th album – special version. It’s gonna be released on 3rd April, but it will take some time to reach Singapore, I guess. How ironic it is that the very first Shinhwa album I’m gonna have is their 10th and last album in possibly 4 years. T.T But I’m expecting to be in spazzy mode when it is released, since I saw a few of the pictures for the album and all of them look awesome. xD

EDIT: This is my first time using imageshack and I have no idea why some of the thumbnails aren’t appearing. Anybody know? =/ You can still click on the links for the pictures, though.


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Warning: there may be excessive caps lock used, so don’t read if you are allergic to it or something. xP


Today’s the 10th anniversary of Shinhwa. Beat that! 10 whole years of thick and thin, friendship and hard work. Here‘s an article about how Dongwan finds it funny to hear rumours about them disbanding (watch this, it’s funny lol). Honestly, I FIND IT FUNNY TOO. Rumours about them not getting along is EVEN FUNNIER (here). Of course, one day they’ll stop working in this industry and then Shinhwa may disband, but somehow I believe their friendship and everything will always last. They’re not just good friends, they’re a FAMILY; BROTHERS. There’ll also be fans who remember them as the one and only SHINHWA. =)

I’m gonna do a selective video spam (some of the ones with all/almost all 6 members together) that I watched before. It’s not in any order of time, hilarity or whatever. I’ll try not to write too much. xPP

SeSaeWon Show with S.E.S (part 1/5) — It’s a show where the two groups took turns answering questions about the other group. First Shinhwa answered with their voices altered, which sounds funny lol. S.E.S were in the same company with them (SM Entertainment, at that time) and all of them were pretty close, I guess. Now the group has disbanded and they pursue solo careers; I only know Bada from some Love Letter and Xman episodes (I like her; she’s very COOL and can sing very well), Eugene from the drama Save the Last Dance for Me (her acting is not bad and her voice is very high), and Shoo was Hyesung’s girlfriend. They’re all pretty and seem likeable, though. The second part where it was S.E.S’ turn to answer questions, the member picked for that particular question wasn’t allowed to talk and had to suck a pacifier. LOL. And actually it doesn’t matter if the girls revealed their secrets ‘cos the members would do that themselves anyway. It’s really funny that Minwoo fell off his chair at one point. haha.

YSMM ep 82 & 83 (first part; I’m sure you can find the rest yourself) — It’s quite long and there are a lot of parts to each, but seriously, this has got to be one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever watched. I watched it like, 3 times already and each time I almost fell off my chair from laughing. I’ll try not to do too long a post, so just a few highlights: their “uljjang” poses, Junjin (and later Andy) mimicking Hyesung (HILARIOUS STUFF, serious), EricxHyesung oil/water relationship, the stories when they were drunk (who’s the one who threw money in the air? LMAO), Dongwan’s wit (he’s such a DORK xD), Eric’s killer smile and crazy prank stories, all the funny re-enactments, etc etc. In short, everyone was being their cute selves. I can go on (and on and on), but I’ll stop. WATCH IT! xDD

Some Dangyunhaji cuts from Xman Shinhwa episodes (since it’s my favourite segment and writing for the full episodes will amount to one LONGG page of boring spazzing):

Eric, Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook love triangle (here) — It’s probably one of the most classic “romance” in Xman. Everyone was watching them so interestedly, lol. The exchanges were so mushyyy – YEH saying “Do you know I feel like swimming in your eyes?” and Kim Jong Kook was so funny being all jealous at the back. When Kang Ho Dong wondered out loud how this “drama” would end, KJK said, “It will end with both of them dying in my hands.” LOL. (I actually quite like KJK) Then Eric won and next it was him vs KJK. Eric told him that everything he said just now was a joke, but KJK said, “You know you’re still going to die, right?”, winning the game. haha. I think YEH would make a cute couple with either of them, though. =)

Dongwan vs Shin Jung Hwan porn incident (1 2) — The game in the first video started with SJH saying, “You like to watch porn, right?”. Watch for Dongwan’s reactions (laughing broadly and adorably xP)! Hilarious exchanges, like “You duplicate porn CDs every night, right?” LOL. Dongwan ended up giving up the game haha. In the second video, SJH and Dongwan faced each other again and the porn topic continued. It was such an embarrassing situation for both of them; more so for Dongwan ‘cos he was supposed to be an idol. LMAOx10000 at Dongwan’s retort “Because you’re old, you can’t lay eggs in the morning, right?” (SJH was nicknamed “chicken” among other things). And what the heck with “turkey is your rival, isn’t it”? HAHAHA. He won using his witty attacks. =D

on Xman #20 (here) — A series of Dangyunhaji games; first was Minwoo vs a girl. Minwoo did a lot of romance for this game, but that’s quite natural ‘cos he’s such a charmer. xD He lost though ‘cos the girl made fun of his small eyes (which don’t affect my liking for him) haha. Next was Hyesung vs Dongwan. Hyesung had to dig up the porn issue again (poor Dongwan lol), and then they went on to say some pretty disgusting stuff (“your breath smells like feet”, “you always fart in the van” LOL!). Hyesung then said that Dongwan commented that Kim Jong Kook might have injected medicine to make his muscles bigger. Dongwan was SO CUTEE when he hugged KJK with that look on his face to tell KJK that he never said that. xDD So Dongwan lost since he didn’t want to say “Dangyunhaji”. Next was Hyesung vs KJK, and Hyesung made fun of the latter’s muscles and voice. Then KJK made an attack on Hyesung’s name, and Hyesung said “whoa that was so immature” and gave up the game, lol. Next isn’t Shinhwa-related, but KJK went on to beat a female artiste using the name attack, which actually SO doesn’t match with KJK’s appearance it’s funny. lol.

Loveletter (playlists 1 2 3 4 5) [I can only find 5 episodes somehow T.T] — The first season of Loveletter started with Shinhwa, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Jong Min (he’s hilariousxinfinity!) and Chun Myung Hoon, fighting for one female celebrity. The girl changed every episode, and there are 8 episodes with them in total, I think. The guys had to do things to attract the girl’s attention; dancing, playing games, etc (being ridiculously funny and cute and cool at the same time xD). After the first part, the girl would choose 2 guys to have a date with while the rest were “tortured” by Kang Ho Dong, then after the second part she’d choose one of them to be the “perfect man”. All 6 of them were picked at least once and Hyesung twice (he’s SO shy with girls; it’s cute haha!). I watched all the episodes before and really, Eric must have gained LOTS MORE female fans just from this (and all the guests liked him too, obviously). He’s just a natural charmer; so romantic and good with words and THAT SMILE dfglsdflsk. If you’re a female and not attracted to him after this, then.. check your sexual orientation. xD But that’s also the reason why I stopped myself from liking him too much – he seems “dangerous”. lol. (in reality he has long-term relationships, though ^^) And it’s sad that Dongwan was always taken as a “joker” and no one seemed to take him seriously. Like there was one time one guest called him so that she could throw the flowers over his head. I got really MAD at that time. BOOO. We fans love you, Dongwan!! ♥ But the episodes are really enjoyable to watch; all the boys are adorable and they looked cute with the pretty girls. I think I’m gonna watch the whole thing again. xP

Xman Germany Special (the playlist) (some of the Dangyunhaji cuts 1 2 3 4 5 6) — This one spans three full episodes. But definitely worth watching. My face was in permanent ^_____^ throughout, lol. There’s the always ridiculous Park Myung Soo (he called Eric ugly LMAO; imo he’s the next funniest guy after Kim Jong Min), the funny MCs and of course, the ever-so-crazy Shinhwa. For the Dangyunhaji segment, the attacks are funny; the ridiculous Eric vs Myung Soo part, Dongwan saying he envies Eric, the short-lived romance with Dongwan and Hyun Kyung (in which Dongwan was super cute), Junjin making fun of Hyesung’s dance (saying, “You do this and that, but do the crabs know?” about his crab dance and “Don’t you feel it’s an insult to little kids?” to his “Mother, please buy me that” dance, which actually is cute. LOL), the very witty Hwayobi, Minwoo’s perfect imitation, etc. It’s kinda heart-warming to see some of the Shinhwa members smiling broadly, huddled together in the background. ^^ And there were some people who were saying, “We want gossip!”, lol. The very last part where they had to re-enact scenes from dramas is a must-watch too. Eric and Andy acting as lovers and Eric kissing Andy on the forehead (HAHAHA Ricdy!), and they had to do it again and again so by the end of it both of them were.. very immersed in the roles. lol.

Happy Together 30.09.04 (part 1/8) — Anything with Shinhwa is bound to be hilarious. xD Junjin is being unusually talkative and hyper here, he’s like a little kid. The stories about their past experiences are.. interesting. hahaha. In YSMM, it was said that Eric doesn’t like to receive compliments, but here, it was revealed that he doesn’t like to say “I’m sorry” too. In short, he doesn’t like serious situations. Maybe that’s why he’s so crazy. LOL. I find it really endearing how other members knew what incident one of them was talking about and started laughing just after a few words. And hearing how serious they were about their mistakes back then when they just debuted (like Hyesung saying that he once sat in a small dark room for 3 hours thinking why he was born haha!) makes me think that they have really grown. Then there was the introduction part, where everyone introduced themselves differently. It was so funny how Minwoo and Dongwan were cracking up in front when the rest kept their cool at the back, but everyone fell on the floor laughing at last when Hyesung did his “Hello. With the role of main vocal, I’m Hyesung, little prince”. LMAO. The consequent games, JUST LAUGH. xDD

Infinity Challenge (parts 1 of 1st & 2nd part of the episode) — This is hilarious not just because of Shinhwa, but also the 6 IC memberss (Haha, Park Myung Soo and MC Yoo, especially; I actually like them xD). They were supposed to rank the MCs according to who they would want to be in Shinhwa, and Park Myung Soo was ranked last, but the ever-playful Shinhwa had to tease the poor him 3 times, lol. (PMS: “I never liked Shinhwa. I like SS501!” ROFL. You’ll know it’s not true if you watched this or other Xman episodes xP) I can’t go on writing such long essays, so just some highlights: 3D: Dirty Dangerous Difficult (HAHAHA), Shinhwa members acting out of their character to “audition to be one of IC” (EVERYONE WAS HILARIOUS AND CUTE), Shinhwa’s constant picking on PMS, PMS calling Eric ugly AGAIN (lmao), PMS’s hilariousness (his LOL-worthy “English”, , etc etc; he’s seriously killing me!), Junjin pretending to be fine after getting him with a ball filled with water, Dongwan being a reporter (he’s good at it and funny too), Shinhwa’s “sons and daughters”, the photos of people with Shinhwa’s or IC’s good and bad features would look (Shinhwa’s looked great, even the bad features one, but the IC’s.. HAHA. Poor Minwoo wasn’t chosen for any of the goodfeatures; it’s ok Minwoo! ♥), Eric being smart, blahblahlah. xD

Let’s tone down the crack for a while, shall we?

Guerilla Concert 2001 (1 2 3) — I think every fan of Shinhwa must have watched this. This was during the time when Andy left temporarily and they had to stand as a 5-men-group; it was a hard period for them since there was a possibility of the disbanding. Basically they were supposed to do the promotion their concert in one hour, but the concert itself would happen on that very day. No fan knew the details and everything was decided last minute, so they had to go around making announcements and giving fliers to get people to go to their concert. The target was 10,000 people. If the target was met, they’d be able to hold the concert. Otherwise, no. Everyone was doing their best for the promotion, especially Junjin. Before the start of the concert, they were blindfolded and the crowd was asked to be completely silent, even when the members were introducing themselves, so as not to reveal the number of people who came. Then Junjin (and then the rest) started crying, held hands and said their feelings towards each other. Eric and Hyesung took off the blindfolds first, followed by the rest. You can see their surprised faces when they saw the crowd, and then the lights came on and we saw a large horde of people. Everyone cried hard, but Junjin cried the hardest. Then the crowd did a big cheer and human wave together. It was a BEAUTIFUL sight. Then it was revealed that 11,569 people came, and including those who stood, 15,000. I cried the first time I watched this. Not because of the number of people, but because their bonds are so apparent here. SHINHWA HWAITING!

Andy coming back concert — The members were hugging/kissing him, lol. 6-1=0. Without any of them, there’d be no Shinhwa today. =)

Talk Box Goodbye 2003 — On the last day of 2003, talking about their fans and the members. It was Minwoo’s “Let’s get together again in our next life” that made me all fuzzy inside, though.

Looking back — A cut from Winter Story 2004-2005 concert DVD. Talking about their hardships, their journey so far, and winning the Daesang in 2004. The audio is bad, but you can see the picture and subs just fine.

SBS GM Show (part 1/7) — This shows them winning the Daesang, their celebrations afterwards and their activities on the next few days. It was very touching to see them winning the award; they even held a non-official fanmeeting to thank the fans after that. It’s always fun to see Shinhwa members together, and obviously lots of funny stuff, like Andy’s “Minwoo hyung has a mole on his butt” (lol), Eric and Andy acting cute to each other (Ricdy is ♥), Dongwan (and the other members too!) fooling around (being all CUTE), Dongwan’s funny story about how he became a Shinhwa member (“I was cast off the street ‘cos I was holding a teddy bear as big as me” lol), Eric sleeping everywhere, Junjin’s “Really, the popularity never cools!” (ROFL), Dongwan playing with a light saber, Eric hiding from the camera, etc. In the second part there was Minwoo’s house tour; he was so adorable with his hair messed up and his voice slightly hoarse ‘cos he just woke up. He talked about wanting to build a huge castle for him and the Shinhwa members to live together. AWWW. You get a glimpse of Minwoo’s extensive and neat wardrobe, too (his fashion sense is the top!). Junjin helping out his father’s album promotion was sweet. Next was Dongwan’s part; it was so sweet to see Dongwan stopping by his mother’s house every morning before he went to work, and really one of the things I love about Dongwan is that he seems so relate-able, so normal that he’s like any other person, not just a celebrity. Then they showed Shinhwa winning another Daesang in another award show; 2004 was really a good year. They deserve it! =) Next was the drama award ceremony in which Eric was a nominee. Eric’s always crazy around Shinhwa members but when alone, he’s calmer and mature; now you know why he’s the leader. He recalled about how he hated it at first when he got popular through acting, which I thought was very honest. The members were there to perform to support him, too (Dongwan’s “Either he’s going to be a father today or win an award” was funny, haha). He won the Best Newcomer and Most Popular Actor awards. =)

I’m done with the spazzing. Most of the videos aren’t too old ‘cos I haven’t even watched most of the older ones before. =( Sorry if the length is kinda too much; I already exercised utmost restraint. Seriously. hahaha. It seems like I didn’t link that many videos, right? But actually if you were to watch all of them, it’d take a lot of time. It’s 100% worth it, though. =)

The amount of pictures I have and videos I’ve watched is NOT equivalent to how much I like them; since I love them like WHOA but I have ONLY less than 1,000 pictures of them (which is PATHETICALLY little, really) and a FREAKIN’ LOT of their videos that I haven’t watched before. I don’t think I can ever watch everything; after all it’s 10 whole years of group and individual stuff. I feel really fortunate that I discovered them in the middle of 2006, not now when it’d have been too late, but I’m ashamed that I know so little about the members. But the bottom line is, I love Shinhwa because all of them, the bond and of course the music. I wish Shinhwa a wonderful career ahead and good health all years, hope that their friendship will last forever. I want to see another ten years of them performing on stage doing, fooling around, laughing at each other, etc etc. SHINHWA FOREVER!


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The last part of the pairings!


JunjinxAndy (Jindy) — The two magnaes of the group!



hugging and acting cute (here)
fake kissing (here)
Andy calling Junjin “Honey” (here)
Junjin feeding Andy (here) [too cute xP]
playstation (here)
Manwon Happiness cut (here) [sweet~ and Andy was cute xD)
Xman Star battle performance (here) [ROFL]

Dangyunhaji game
— Junjin was so blunt and looked so serious. The whole clip is LMAO-worthy, and at the end Junjin won with Andy feeling kinda hurt. So hilarious, though. I should totally include one of those old Xman clips in my upcoming Shinhwa video spam. xD


Yay I’m done with all the pairings! Now don’t you agree that Shinhwa is full of love? 🙂


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Moving on – Hyesung!

HyesungxJunjin (Jinsung/the birds)
— One of the cutest pairings, imo (even though every pairing is cute); they’re like real brothers. Junjin is closest to Hyesung (even though they’re all close; LOL ignore me I’m just a fangirl), and isn’t that a unique name they have? THE BIRDS. xD For the show ‘Shinhwa X Files – Stunt Drive’, Junjin had to drive a very dangerous stunt in the last segment. The thing is, Junjin had to take the driving test like, 8 times to pass haha. So Hyesung was encouraging him to do it well ‘cos Junjin seemed really scared. Then he said that he felt like he was mummy bird seeing his baby bird fly for the first time. That was how the name came about haha. Hyesung is the mommy bird while Junjin is the baby bird! xDD (here‘s the first part (of 5) of the video; that was when Andy wasn’t there and it’s really sweet how everyone was worried for Junjin)


^Junjin mimicking Hyesung. One of the funniest moments in that YSMM episode. ^^

funny dance (here)
dancing to Perfect Man (here)
rock paper scissors dance (here)
kissing [lalala xP] (1 2)
hugging (here)
Junjin scolding Hyesung (here)
fooling around on stage (here)
acting cute on some show [that little screen at the bottom lol] (here)
Hyesung’s birthday message to Junjin (here)
The Bird performance in Hyesung’s concert [lol dorks] (here)
fan-made videos (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) [sugar overload. xD]

Junjin’s birthday party
— This is just so funny. All the members except Minwoo attended, and Jinsung were doing their mummy and baby birds introduction, lol! Lotsa hilarious stuff. Eric was in a bad mood (hahaha). Andy had to leave early to rehearse for his musical, so Hyesung asked, “Which is more important, Junjin or your musical?”, to which Andy replied, “Of course Junjin is important”. Then Andy asked Hyesung which was more important, Junjin or his solo album, and Hyesung replied, “My solo album”. LOL. Then Eric tapped Hyesung’s shoulder (cutee) and asked, “Who is more important, Junjin or I?”, and as expected, he answered, “Junjin is important!”. LMAO. In the last few seconds you can see Junjin trying to kiss Hyesung. xP



HyesungxAndy (Sungdy)


^aww how cute. xD

high pitch competition (here) [they sounded like strangled chicken LMAO]
sexy dance (here) [hahaha. and at the end.. poor Hyesung!]
Hyesung dancing funnily (here)
Hyesung kicking Andy (here) [Minjin in front!]
fooling around (here)

singing the Three Bears song — At first Andy sang the normal version alone, being cute at the same time. Then Andy lipsynched as Hyesung sang the R&B version of it. It was a very good lipsynch, actually. haha.

Andy calling Hyesung — Andy was having a hard time making the decision for the Battle Shinhwa! competition, so he called Hyesung for advice. He called Minwoo too in the beginning and it was cute, haha. Back to Hyesung. I think he was either drunk or very hyper or something ‘cos the second he picked up, he started calling Andy “kiwi prince” along with some vulgarities; it kept going “beep!”. ROFL. Andy was laughing and told him that the phone call was recorded, and Hyesung said “What?!” and “You can’t do this to me” and started talking politely. HAHAHA.


One more to go! =)

I’m not obsessed.. yet. xD

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I said that I’ll check out more of Fly to the Sky’s songs and videos. And I did. I think I’m gonna post the videos this time around.

Interview on Love Letter — The interaction between them and the MC was funny; Hwanhee seemed to be in a good mood here. And you get to see the rare sight of Hwanhee’s voice cracking a bit. haha!

Brian on Star Golden Bell
— It’s not subbed, but there’s a short summary at the side. He imitated Hwanhee; showing such a weird facial expression but sounding like Hwanhee. And you can see him speaking in English, too. In case you don’t know, he was born in California, so his English is perfect.

Hwanhee imitates Brian — In the beginning he was asked what he thought of Brian’s imitation of him, and he answered, “as always, he was really cute and I wanted to bite him and then kill him”. ROFL. And revenge is sweet! After the many times Brian imitated him, Hwanhee decided to return the favour by imitating Brian’s (bad!) habit of tapping the microphone, looking hilarious in the process. xD

Short cut on Love Letter — Myung Hoon (a guy who was a regular in Love Letter) and then Brian imitated Hwanhee, followed by Kim Jong Min lipsynching to Hwanhee’s R&B voice. Hwanhee’s singing was great (actually he always sounds great provided he doesn’t over-sing), but Kim Jong Min was hilarious LMAO. I actually watched the whole episode subbed (just type “Love Letter episode 118), and there’s also Minwoo in it! I said before in my previous post that Hwanhee looked good even before the plastic surgery, and from this I think you’d know why I said that. He looked awesome with that hair and smile, almost pretty, even. =X

Another cut from that Love Letter episode — They were asked to introduce themselves in a ‘sexy’ way, and Brian started with “My name is Brian” in English and then went on to roll himself on the floor, acting sexy the whole time. fshdfshfLOL! Hwanhee then lifted his shirt to show his abs a few times (which was actually quite hot) but went away laughing haha. (just watch the whole episode; hilarious stuff!)

FTTS on Star Golden Bell (1 2) — Five guys (including the two of them) stood behind white curtains with their heads and ‘hands’ poking out. The thing is, only one pair of the hands were the person’s real hands. Brian’s ‘hands’ were short and chubby; obviously not his lol. They were then made to answer questions together with hand gestures, and even had to eat ice cream. It was so hilarious when Brian initially managed to eat it, but later screamed “CRAZY HANDS!” when the hands started flicking ice cream, wanting to smear it on his face. xD It was actually Hwanhee who got his own hands, but he acted quite well, pretending they weren’t.

Brian’s crack-tastic dancing (1 2 3 4 5) — ROFLxinfinity. Brian can dance properly, but most of the time in those variety shows, he’d dance this supposedly sexy but turns out to be embarrassing dance. Seriously this guy has NO shame when it comes to dancing; he can look sexy/gay/cute/whatever at the same time. It’s a wonder how he’s able to keep a straight face while doing it. Most of the time I’d feel so uncomfortable while watching him, but then it’s so funny that I’d continue watching even though I’d be laughing like crazy. I think everyone feels the same way, actually. Such a natural comedian. xDD

Cut on Jihwaza — The game where you have to jump through the hole in the board, otherwise you’d fall into the water. Hwanhee looked SO CUTE when he was thinking about the clue given, even with his new manlier face, seriously. Then he fell and asked Brian to pull him up, but obviously you know that Hwanhee was gonna pull Brian into the water. Brian’s “earrgghhh!” when he was being pulled was funny, and Hwanhee looked like a kid pulling with all his strength. After Brian fell, Hwanhee immediately climbed out, Brian chased after him and they both ended up slipping and falling on the floor lol. Next is the sexy dance. DON’T WATCH WHILE YOU’RE EATING OR YOU’LL CHOKE. You’ve been warned. =DD

It’s enough for now. I still have tons of things to watch. xP


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Next is Dongwan! I really really like Dongwan, but somehow his pairings aren’t that popular. =/


DongwanxJunjin (Wanjin)


^they just love each other, don’t they? lol.

Dongwan harassing Junjin (here)
Dongwan kissing Junjin (here)
fan-made video (here)


DongwanxHyesung (Wansung) — They’re the two worst dancers in the group, lol. But! Hyesung is the lead singer while Dongwan is the 2nd main vocalist. ^^ Their birthdays are only 6 days apart, so usually the members and fans would celebrate them together.


^uhm.. Dongwan just wants a piece of Hyesung. lol.

Dongwan hugging Hyesung (here)
Hyesung hitting Dongwan [lol dork-face xD] (here)
Dongwan wiping Hyesung’s sweat (here)
stupid dance (here) [lmao]
birthdays ( 1 2 3 4)
2007 Thanksgiving message (here) [here for spazzy account xP]
fan-made video (here)

2003 birthday (here) — The noisiest interview EVER. Everyone’s happy and high and adorable. The MC’s voice was kinda loud and Dongwan was sooo cute imitating her. They were all laughing at her (not in a bad way though), lol. ^_____^

Sangsang Plus (here) — I guess it was during Kangta’s promotion of his drama Loveholic; the two of them were answering questions posted for Kangta and the female lead. The way they answered questions were hilariously cute, and you can see Kangta looking good in the small little box. At the end Hyesung was so shy, Kangta said he is cute. ^^


DongwanxAndy (Wandy)


pretending to cry (here)
Dongwan choking Andy (here)
pillow game (here)
singing First Love [really cute haha] (here)
fan-made videos (1 2)

kissing (here) — LMAO this is FANSERVICEx10000. The fans were screaming their lungs out lol. Andy was so cute when he pretended to cry after being kissed by Dongwan. xD Here for the close-up. hahaha.


More to go!


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By order of age, next is Minwoo’s pairings!


MinwooxDongwan (Woodong/Minwan) — Did I say that these two are my favourite in the group? Don’t ask me to choose ‘cos I can’t. I really like them together too (duh I like every pairing). xP


^how cute. xD

Dongwan sleeping (here)
fooling around (here)
embarassed Dongwan (here)
Minwoo hugging Dongwan (here)
Minwoo making Dongwan smell his shoe [lol] (here)
“Minwoo yah bogoshipo-yo!” (here)
on Music Core (1 2 3)
“We are Woodong!” xD (here)
interview on Yoon’s LoveLetter (here)
Minwoo imitating Dongwan (here)
Dongwan butting in during Minwoo’s interview (here)
fan-made videos (1 2 3 4)


MinwooxHyesung (Minsung)

l.jpg k.jpg








sleeping (here)
sexy dancing [LOL] (1 2)
Minwoo scaring Hyesung (here)
at 2005 MKMF (here)
exam hwaiting message (here) [Minwoo is cute xP]
Minwoo hugging Hyesung (here)
Manwon Happiness ep. 201 cut (here)
Mnet Wide, M Countdown Japan concert (here)

Hyesung singing Minwoo’s songs in a car (here) — It’s just Hyesung, but this is PRICELESS. Usually he is the more serious type (among the members, at least), but here he was so.. high/hyper/crazy, totally unlike the image he has. Apparently he knew it too, so after a while he stopped and kept quiet and said, “What was I doing? It’s not me! It’s Jinnie (Junjin)!”, but then started singing again lol. So in conclusion, he was either drunk, in a very good mood, or.. just being a Shinhwa member. SO CUTE LMAO. xDD


MinwooxJunjin (Minjin) — The two best dancers in the group. I know that Minwoo gives his clothes to Junjin sometimes. But that’s okay ‘cos Minwoo has one biggg wardrobe of clothes. haha. And after watching so many fan-made tributes for them, I like this pairing even more now. ^^


acting cute (here)
hugging and dancing together (here)
kissing (here)
nicknames (here)
fooling around (here)
dancing to Eusha Eusha (here)
Minwoo singing to Junjin (here)
game on Love Letter (here)
Junjin likes Minwoo as much as fried chicken [lol] (here)
Minwoo wiping Junjin’s sweat (here)
fan-made video (1 2 3 4 5 6)


MinwooxAndy (Mindy)


acting cute [this is REALLY CUTE xD] (here)
Andy’s message for Minwoo’s 2nd showcase (here)
speaking English [lol] (here)
Minwoo hugging Andy (here)


I’m not almost done yet. xD


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Since SHINHWA DAY is in 10 days, the first post is dedicated to them! I’m thinking of doing a proper video spam post then, so now I think I’ll post the pairings stuff. Did I say that I absolutely LOVE all the pairings (even though I talk more about certain pairings)? Be prepared for lots of dorkiness. xD

WARNING: Image-heavy. xP

Eric’s pairings first, ‘cos he’s the weirdest leader. hahaha.


EricxHyesung (Ricsung)— Hyesung acts like he doesn’t really like Eric that much; always pushing Eric away when the latter tries to have any skinship with him. Shinhwa does skinship a lot (holding hands, hugging, kissing; it’s.. normal. lo), for fan-service or otherwise, but Hyesung just doesn’t like to do it with Eric. haha. That’s why the other members make fun od them a lot and they’re said to have this oil/water relationship – they can’t mix. It’s just a show they do for fun, though, since in reality they’re very close, as seen in some videos. Oil and water do mix, in their case. But it’s always funny to see them “not getting along”. haha. And to be honest, they seem suspicious. ROFL.


^revenge is sweet. xP

^this is VERY RARE. Hyesung was made to do it, of course. xD

There are also lotsa TOO MANY CUTE videos, all are hilarious if you know Shinhwa. Some of them may sound gheii, though, and you may think that I’m mad. Maybe I am. xP

accidental kissing (1 2)
Hyesung being mad at Eric? (here)
Eric hugging Hyesung on stage (here)
Hyesung hugging Junjin and pushing Eric away (here)
Eric biting Hyesung [LOL] (here)
Eric touching Hyesung’s butt [hahaha] (here)
Hitting each other (here)
Licking knife (here)
making a heart sign (here)
Hyesung kissing Eric (here)
game in Love Letter (here)
Hyesung being asked “Do you love Eric?” by the fans (here)
photoshoot (here)

Hyesung talking about Eric in [C]ome To [P]lay (part 2 3) — The talking starts in the last few seconds of part 2 and beginning of part 2, but the whole show is interesting, so you can watch it if you want (Kim Jong Min is there too! xP). The Ricsyung part itself is.. awkward.. and funny. haha.


EricxMinwoo (Ricmin) — The two oldest members in the group. They compose music together sometimes (I know the two of them and some of their friends formed M.A.R.S to compose songs together). And even though they’re the oldest, they’re the most playful ones. But it’s arguable ‘cos Shinhwa is just filled with big dorks. xD



^click to enlarge. Eric acting as Minwoo’s fan. xDD

^LOL Eric xD

tongue [hahaha] (here)
Eric kissing Minwoo (1 2)
playing games (here)
Minwoo calling his teddy bear “Eric” (here)
fan-made videos (1 2 3 4 5) [these are really SWEET *.*]


EricxAndy (Ricdy) — Eric is the oldest (in terms of literal age, not psychological age xP) and Andy is the youngest. They give me the feeling of a father and son, really, and they’re really cute together. Compared to his other hyungs, Andy is the closest to Eric, I think.


Eric bullying Andy (here)
Eric kissing Andy (here)
Andy saying he’d wanna date Eric ‘cos he’s earning big bucks (here)
Eric giving Andy food (here)
Eric cussing at Andy (here)
Andy imitating Eric (here)
fan-made video (here)


EricxDongwan (Ricwan)



bottle performance (here)
kissing (here)
fooling around (here)
Eric hugging Dongwan and Andy (here)
Throw My Fist making of (here)
fan-made video (here)


EricxJunjin (Ricjin)

making a heart (here)
fooling around (here)
Eric kissing Junjin (here)


I’m done, for now. The last two pairings are really under-represented, I know, but as much as I like them all, I just don’t see them as much. Thus I can’t really say anything about them. =X By now you may be thinking that Eric is a weirdo, but actually he’s just more open with his affections. lol. But I won’t deny that he’s weird. xP

Part two coming soon!

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