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Since SHINHWA DAY is in 10 days, the first post is dedicated to them! I’m thinking of doing a proper video spam post then, so now I think I’ll post the pairings stuff. Did I say that I absolutely LOVE all the pairings (even though I talk more about certain pairings)? Be prepared for lots of dorkiness. xD

WARNING: Image-heavy. xP

Eric’s pairings first, ‘cos he’s the weirdest leader. hahaha.


EricxHyesung (Ricsung)— Hyesung acts like he doesn’t really like Eric that much; always pushing Eric away when the latter tries to have any skinship with him. Shinhwa does skinship a lot (holding hands, hugging, kissing; it’s.. normal. lo), for fan-service or otherwise, but Hyesung just doesn’t like to do it with Eric. haha. That’s why the other members make fun od them a lot and they’re said to have this oil/water relationship – they can’t mix. It’s just a show they do for fun, though, since in reality they’re very close, as seen in some videos. Oil and water do mix, in their case. But it’s always funny to see them “not getting along”. haha. And to be honest, they seem suspicious. ROFL.


^revenge is sweet. xP

^this is VERY RARE. Hyesung was made to do it, of course. xD

There are also lotsa TOO MANY CUTE videos, all are hilarious if you know Shinhwa. Some of them may sound gheii, though, and you may think that I’m mad. Maybe I am. xP

accidental kissing (1 2)
Hyesung being mad at Eric? (here)
Eric hugging Hyesung on stage (here)
Hyesung hugging Junjin and pushing Eric away (here)
Eric biting Hyesung [LOL] (here)
Eric touching Hyesung’s butt [hahaha] (here)
Hitting each other (here)
Licking knife (here)
making a heart sign (here)
Hyesung kissing Eric (here)
game in Love Letter (here)
Hyesung being asked “Do you love Eric?” by the fans (here)
photoshoot (here)

Hyesung talking about Eric in [C]ome To [P]lay (part 2 3) — The talking starts in the last few seconds of part 2 and beginning of part 2, but the whole show is interesting, so you can watch it if you want (Kim Jong Min is there too! xP). The Ricsyung part itself is.. awkward.. and funny. haha.


EricxMinwoo (Ricmin) — The two oldest members in the group. They compose music together sometimes (I know the two of them and some of their friends formed M.A.R.S to compose songs together). And even though they’re the oldest, they’re the most playful ones. But it’s arguable ‘cos Shinhwa is just filled with big dorks. xD



^click to enlarge. Eric acting as Minwoo’s fan. xDD

^LOL Eric xD

tongue [hahaha] (here)
Eric kissing Minwoo (1 2)
playing games (here)
Minwoo calling his teddy bear “Eric” (here)
fan-made videos (1 2 3 4 5) [these are really SWEET *.*]


EricxAndy (Ricdy) — Eric is the oldest (in terms of literal age, not psychological age xP) and Andy is the youngest. They give me the feeling of a father and son, really, and they’re really cute together. Compared to his other hyungs, Andy is the closest to Eric, I think.


Eric bullying Andy (here)
Eric kissing Andy (here)
Andy saying he’d wanna date Eric ‘cos he’s earning big bucks (here)
Eric giving Andy food (here)
Eric cussing at Andy (here)
Andy imitating Eric (here)
fan-made video (here)


EricxDongwan (Ricwan)



bottle performance (here)
kissing (here)
fooling around (here)
Eric hugging Dongwan and Andy (here)
Throw My Fist making of (here)
fan-made video (here)


EricxJunjin (Ricjin)

making a heart (here)
fooling around (here)
Eric kissing Junjin (here)


I’m done, for now. The last two pairings are really under-represented, I know, but as much as I like them all, I just don’t see them as much. Thus I can’t really say anything about them. =X By now you may be thinking that Eric is a weirdo, but actually he’s just more open with his affections. lol. But I won’t deny that he’s weird. xP

Part two coming soon!


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