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Next is Dongwan! I really really like Dongwan, but somehow his pairings aren’t that popular. =/


DongwanxJunjin (Wanjin)


^they just love each other, don’t they? lol.

Dongwan harassing Junjin (here)
Dongwan kissing Junjin (here)
fan-made video (here)


DongwanxHyesung (Wansung) — They’re the two worst dancers in the group, lol. But! Hyesung is the lead singer while Dongwan is the 2nd main vocalist. ^^ Their birthdays are only 6 days apart, so usually the members and fans would celebrate them together.


^uhm.. Dongwan just wants a piece of Hyesung. lol.

Dongwan hugging Hyesung (here)
Hyesung hitting Dongwan [lol dork-face xD] (here)
Dongwan wiping Hyesung’s sweat (here)
stupid dance (here) [lmao]
birthdays ( 1 2 3 4)
2007 Thanksgiving message (here) [here for spazzy account xP]
fan-made video (here)

2003 birthday (here) — The noisiest interview EVER. Everyone’s happy and high and adorable. The MC’s voice was kinda loud and Dongwan was sooo cute imitating her. They were all laughing at her (not in a bad way though), lol. ^_____^

Sangsang Plus (here) — I guess it was during Kangta’s promotion of his drama Loveholic; the two of them were answering questions posted for Kangta and the female lead. The way they answered questions were hilariously cute, and you can see Kangta looking good in the small little box. At the end Hyesung was so shy, Kangta said he is cute. ^^


DongwanxAndy (Wandy)


pretending to cry (here)
Dongwan choking Andy (here)
pillow game (here)
singing First Love [really cute haha] (here)
fan-made videos (1 2)

kissing (here) — LMAO this is FANSERVICEx10000. The fans were screaming their lungs out lol. Andy was so cute when he pretended to cry after being kissed by Dongwan. xD Here for the close-up. hahaha.


More to go!


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