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I said that I’ll check out more of Fly to the Sky’s songs and videos. And I did. I think I’m gonna post the videos this time around.

Interview on Love Letter — The interaction between them and the MC was funny; Hwanhee seemed to be in a good mood here. And you get to see the rare sight of Hwanhee’s voice cracking a bit. haha!

Brian on Star Golden Bell
— It’s not subbed, but there’s a short summary at the side. He imitated Hwanhee; showing such a weird facial expression but sounding like Hwanhee. And you can see him speaking in English, too. In case you don’t know, he was born in California, so his English is perfect.

Hwanhee imitates Brian — In the beginning he was asked what he thought of Brian’s imitation of him, and he answered, “as always, he was really cute and I wanted to bite him and then kill him”. ROFL. And revenge is sweet! After the many times Brian imitated him, Hwanhee decided to return the favour by imitating Brian’s (bad!) habit of tapping the microphone, looking hilarious in the process. xD

Short cut on Love Letter — Myung Hoon (a guy who was a regular in Love Letter) and then Brian imitated Hwanhee, followed by Kim Jong Min lipsynching to Hwanhee’s R&B voice. Hwanhee’s singing was great (actually he always sounds great provided he doesn’t over-sing), but Kim Jong Min was hilarious LMAO. I actually watched the whole episode subbed (just type “Love Letter episode 118), and there’s also Minwoo in it! I said before in my previous post that Hwanhee looked good even before the plastic surgery, and from this I think you’d know why I said that. He looked awesome with that hair and smile, almost pretty, even. =X

Another cut from that Love Letter episode — They were asked to introduce themselves in a ‘sexy’ way, and Brian started with “My name is Brian” in English and then went on to roll himself on the floor, acting sexy the whole time. fshdfshfLOL! Hwanhee then lifted his shirt to show his abs a few times (which was actually quite hot) but went away laughing haha. (just watch the whole episode; hilarious stuff!)

FTTS on Star Golden Bell (1 2) — Five guys (including the two of them) stood behind white curtains with their heads and ‘hands’ poking out. The thing is, only one pair of the hands were the person’s real hands. Brian’s ‘hands’ were short and chubby; obviously not his lol. They were then made to answer questions together with hand gestures, and even had to eat ice cream. It was so hilarious when Brian initially managed to eat it, but later screamed “CRAZY HANDS!” when the hands started flicking ice cream, wanting to smear it on his face. xD It was actually Hwanhee who got his own hands, but he acted quite well, pretending they weren’t.

Brian’s crack-tastic dancing (1 2 3 4 5) — ROFLxinfinity. Brian can dance properly, but most of the time in those variety shows, he’d dance this supposedly sexy but turns out to be embarrassing dance. Seriously this guy has NO shame when it comes to dancing; he can look sexy/gay/cute/whatever at the same time. It’s a wonder how he’s able to keep a straight face while doing it. Most of the time I’d feel so uncomfortable while watching him, but then it’s so funny that I’d continue watching even though I’d be laughing like crazy. I think everyone feels the same way, actually. Such a natural comedian. xDD

Cut on Jihwaza — The game where you have to jump through the hole in the board, otherwise you’d fall into the water. Hwanhee looked SO CUTE when he was thinking about the clue given, even with his new manlier face, seriously. Then he fell and asked Brian to pull him up, but obviously you know that Hwanhee was gonna pull Brian into the water. Brian’s “earrgghhh!” when he was being pulled was funny, and Hwanhee looked like a kid pulling with all his strength. After Brian fell, Hwanhee immediately climbed out, Brian chased after him and they both ended up slipping and falling on the floor lol. Next is the sexy dance. DON’T WATCH WHILE YOU’RE EATING OR YOU’LL CHOKE. You’ve been warned. =DD

It’s enough for now. I still have tons of things to watch. xP


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