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Moving on – Hyesung!

HyesungxJunjin (Jinsung/the birds)
— One of the cutest pairings, imo (even though every pairing is cute); they’re like real brothers. Junjin is closest to Hyesung (even though they’re all close; LOL ignore me I’m just a fangirl), and isn’t that a unique name they have? THE BIRDS. xD For the show ‘Shinhwa X Files – Stunt Drive’, Junjin had to drive a very dangerous stunt in the last segment. The thing is, Junjin had to take the driving test like, 8 times to pass haha. So Hyesung was encouraging him to do it well ‘cos Junjin seemed really scared. Then he said that he felt like he was mummy bird seeing his baby bird fly for the first time. That was how the name came about haha. Hyesung is the mommy bird while Junjin is the baby bird! xDD (here‘s the first part (of 5) of the video; that was when Andy wasn’t there and it’s really sweet how everyone was worried for Junjin)


^Junjin mimicking Hyesung. One of the funniest moments in that YSMM episode. ^^

funny dance (here)
dancing to Perfect Man (here)
rock paper scissors dance (here)
kissing [lalala xP] (1 2)
hugging (here)
Junjin scolding Hyesung (here)
fooling around on stage (here)
acting cute on some show [that little screen at the bottom lol] (here)
Hyesung’s birthday message to Junjin (here)
The Bird performance in Hyesung’s concert [lol dorks] (here)
fan-made videos (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) [sugar overload. xD]

Junjin’s birthday party
— This is just so funny. All the members except Minwoo attended, and Jinsung were doing their mummy and baby birds introduction, lol! Lotsa hilarious stuff. Eric was in a bad mood (hahaha). Andy had to leave early to rehearse for his musical, so Hyesung asked, “Which is more important, Junjin or your musical?”, to which Andy replied, “Of course Junjin is important”. Then Andy asked Hyesung which was more important, Junjin or his solo album, and Hyesung replied, “My solo album”. LOL. Then Eric tapped Hyesung’s shoulder (cutee) and asked, “Who is more important, Junjin or I?”, and as expected, he answered, “Junjin is important!”. LMAO. In the last few seconds you can see Junjin trying to kiss Hyesung. xP



HyesungxAndy (Sungdy)


^aww how cute. xD

high pitch competition (here) [they sounded like strangled chicken LMAO]
sexy dance (here) [hahaha. and at the end.. poor Hyesung!]
Hyesung dancing funnily (here)
Hyesung kicking Andy (here) [Minjin in front!]
fooling around (here)

singing the Three Bears song — At first Andy sang the normal version alone, being cute at the same time. Then Andy lipsynched as Hyesung sang the R&B version of it. It was a very good lipsynch, actually. haha.

Andy calling Hyesung — Andy was having a hard time making the decision for the Battle Shinhwa! competition, so he called Hyesung for advice. He called Minwoo too in the beginning and it was cute, haha. Back to Hyesung. I think he was either drunk or very hyper or something ‘cos the second he picked up, he started calling Andy “kiwi prince” along with some vulgarities; it kept going “beep!”. ROFL. Andy was laughing and told him that the phone call was recorded, and Hyesung said “What?!” and “You can’t do this to me” and started talking politely. HAHAHA.


One more to go! =)


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