080329 Shinhwa concert/10th Anni. press conference

March 30, 2008 at 11:22 pm | Posted in music, picspam, Shinhwa | 2 Comments


I’m kicking myself in the head for not being able to fly to Korea to attend their concert. But well.. it can’t be helped. Just record the DVD and distribute it faster, Good Entertainment. ♥

So I’ll post pictures instead. Okay I’ll admit that I just thought that the boys were smiley, seemed like they were having fun, and looked sfkdhfkdks gorgeous, hence the pictures should be shared. xD

The concert ..




The press conference..




^from the looks of it, Dongwan was saying something embarrassing. haha.

^LMAO. ILU Dongwan. ♥

Credits: Flashback + ShinHyeSung.co.kr + immaschool.com + as tagged + ShinhwaChangjo


Their new song, 다시 한 번만 (Just One More Time), has been playing on repeat on my iPod since like, four days ago. Every time the song ends I’d be thinking “Just one more time!” and listen to it again. Okay I’m getting lame. xP It’s such a NICE song; everyone sounds great – Hyesung sorta dominates the song (I wish the rest would sing more but Hyesung’s voice is slfdjdjfdk godly; I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing =X), Dongwan’s voice sounds clear, Minwoo’s emotive, Junjin sounds normal (he doesn’t have much part), Eric’s rapping is always ♥ and Andy’s rap part was catchy. I LOVE this song to bits (can’t you tell? lol); can’t wait for the album!

Anyway, the tracklist for the special edition of the album was out a few days ago, and there are only 9 songs in it. T.T I was expecting more, now it’s even less than normal albums! Don’t tell me that there are only 9 songs ‘cos it’s their 9th album. D: I hope there are either more songs in this special edition, or in the normal one (in which case I’ll buy it too). *crosses fingers*



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  1. Hi again!! XD haha told u i would be stalking ur blog..im jus trying to hunt for all the shinhwa concert photos i could possibly find n i thought i should pop by n see if u’ve updated ur blog with more shinhwa goodness.and BAM! what do i see? that absolutely ADORABLE pic of wannie, isnt he jus the cutest, most loveable dork EVER?!?!Oh and YES i L.O.V.E their new song, its beautifully heartbreaking .<

  2. Nice to see you again. xP Actually if you want more pictures you should go to Shinhwa Changjo; they have lots of them. xD yeah Dongwan is CUTE! I can’t decide who I like best, Minwoo or Dongwan, actually, so I’ll just say that I love them all. xD

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