080330 Shinhwa 10th Anni. Seoul Concert

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[08.03.30][News] Fan’s surprise present made SHINHWA shed their tears

Group SHINHWA during their 10 years Anniversary Concert, because the management company & Fans had prepared a special surprise present, thus they shed their tears which they had been holding back real strong.

On 30th afternoon 5pm, Seoul Olympic Garden Stadium hold SHINHWA 10th Annivesary Concert “SHINHWA Must Go On 10th Anniversary Live”

In this day, including the encore track, after ended their 3 hours 30 mins performance, when the members walk down from the stage, the screen on stage were showing interview clips with people who was with SHINHWA for 10 years.

SHINHWA’s current management company GOODemg ParkKwanYoung representator, SHINHWA ex management company SM Entertainment ex representator Mr Kim, SM period’s manager, Hyesung & Eric’s mother, their hairstylist during their debut, fan club SHINHWACHANJO member and so on, they were in the clip congratulate SHINHWA on the 10th Anniversary, hoping they they will be together forever, becoming the Asia and the World best group.

The member sat on stage, after watching the clips and under the fans’ cheering, they silently wiping off their tears.

Then, SHINHWACHANGJO pushed in a cake with a candle shaped in the number ’10’, finally, the members hug together and tears couldnt stop flowing. The fans too cried while singing the birthday song.

The 2nd floor and 3rd floor’s fans silently turn on their play card which they had prepared and written with “Forever Loving You All” together, the members totally being touched with it.

This year, SHINHWA Eric & KimDongWan will be enlisting, then following with the other members. Within 3 years of period SHINHWA will not be together on stage. Because of this, SHINHWA, fans, and the management company staff, everybody’s foot were on weight and nobody wanted to leave the stage, tears keep on following when the time passes.

Source:Yonhap News
Cn Trans:evmist@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz



I found lots of pictures at Soompi and ShinhwaChangjo, so I’m gonna post some of them here. ^^





Credits: Dongwan Baidu Bar + ShinHyeSung.co.kr + Yoenin + EricVoice + ShinhwaChangjo + Soompi + as tagged


10000 AWWWs won’t be able to represent how I feel now.


I watched the ending of the concert; the fans sang together for them, and you can see all of them trying hard to hold back their tears. Lots of hugs, tears, and a whole 5 minutes of mixed emotions for my part. The scene was very touching; it signifies the bond not just between Shinhwa members but also the fans who have been with them throughout their journey, but at the same time I’m really sad that they’ll only be together again in at least 3 years. Initially I was quite happy that at least Hyesung isn’t going, but after I watched the video and saw Hyesung crying hard, I can’t help but think that he must feel a tad of loneliness inside. But really, don’t worry guys, we’ll be here, whether it’s now, 3 years later, or during your 20th Anniversary.



Shinhwa must will go on! ♥


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