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credit: rockita82 @ youtube.

I just watched Shinhwa’s newest MV, Run. In the beginning the song Just One More Time was played. Does it mean that there’s gonna be no MV for that song? It’s my favourite song EVER and if they’re not gonna film a MV for it.. T.T

Anyways. I was actually LOL-ing while watching the MV, ‘cos the shooting scenes are.. well, funny. The story is about the members trying to save Eric who was kidnapped by a bunch of gangsters (or something). So they had to dress up in the Mexican style (lol) and shoot the bad guys. But instead of the bad guys getting shot, you’d see bottles getting smashed into pieces instead. And not one of the members got injured even when they were shooting in the open. And and! The scenes where they hid behind the cars to duck the bullets were funny too. xP

But! To be fair, the MV was quite cool. The guys look okay, considering my reaction when I first saw the pictures of their get-ups there (all of them look like mafias LOL). The background colours are nice; I’m not sure whether it was intended but it was mainly ORANGE. I also love how “SHINHWA” was written under every member’s name. ❤

I’m still waiting to receive my Special Edition album. I’ve listened to all the songs already (I couldn’t resist, but hey, I already paid for mine), but I think I’m gonna do a post on that later when I get my album. =)


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