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I’m very slow, I know. It’s like, now then I watch? But whatever. I’m happy that I understand Chinese, anyway. xD

part 1 — They performed U! Hankyung is charismatic as hell, like OMG. 8D Then it was the introductions; I love how leaderly and mature Hankyung seems in China. (I actually watched a 10-parts-long interview of him in China some time ago; I think that was before he became one of my favourite members) He is the leader of SJ-M, and I guess it’s obvious ‘cos he’s the oldest among them. He talked about how he lots 4-5 kg during the preparation for the album, I guess they all worked really hard. 加油!

part 2 — More talking. I think their Korean-accented Chinese are cute, haha. Ryeowook said “我很帅 (wo3 hen2 shuai2)” when the MC asked him about his hairstyle change, lol. Henry was sooo cute when he was practicing for his “Changsha dialect”! Next it was the solo performances. First Donghae danced to Juntin Timberlake’s My Love; it was cool! (This song is pretty popular among Koreans for dancing, I think; here‘s Brian and Hyebin’s performance for the same song! Brian was hotttt, Hyebin was sexy! even though I’m a girl lol. xD) Next it was Henry’s performance.

part 3 — Continued Henry’s violin and dance performance – it was so good and he’s so talented! Then more talking. The MC asked about whether the members asked Hankyung to teach them Chinese, and he said that Donghae asked him the most (Donghae was busy nodding at the side lol), but Siwon learned before so he’s now too lazy to ask haha. Next there was a Chinese PK. Hankyung and Zhou Mi became the judges, so they were supposed to sit at the side. But then Zhou Mi let Hankyung sit first and then sat on him, and the next thing you know everyone sat on each other. lol. During the PK, Siwon looked cocky (he’s good!), Donghae seemed like he was really trying hard (cute accent!), and Henry kinda sounded like any normal Singaporean’s. In the end, Zhou Mi, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun got the punishment to sing. haha.

part 4 — For the “punishment”, they sang acapella of 爱我还是他. The harmonization is good, but I can’t really hear the real melody of the song. Next they had to read some words in the “Changsha dialect” and Siwon’s COCKY expression is back. haha. Donghae and Kyuhyun were picked to have a conversation in that dialect, and lol both of them were cute!

part 5 — Preview for the following week episode.

part 1 — They performed 至少还有你. I think the real song was playing in the background, that’s why it sounded doubled. But it still sounded okay. Zhou Mi sings well. =)

part 2 — Continuation of the dialect conversation! It’s Siwon and Ryeowook, and the latter was so cute when he pronounced wrongly lol. Then it was Hankyung’s “筷子舞”. All charms turned on! haha. Next is the “爆料” segment. (scroll down for more!) The question was “谁最爱耍帅?”. At first Kyuhyun was like peeking at Siwon’s answer board and then laughed cutely. xD Siwon got full votes, anyway. Hankyung and Kyuhyun imitated how Siwon walked while 耍帅-ing, lol.

part 3 — scroll down!

part 4 — The question is: 谁最想结婚? I expected it to be Hankyung since he’s the oldest (and he voted for himself too!), but unexpectedly him and Donghae got the same number of votes. Donghae also admitted it himself, haha. Anyway, at first when Donghae showed his board there was Hankyung’s name tag on it; he stole it earlier lol. They asked what kind of girl Donghae likes, and he said he likes cute girls with big eyes (doesn’t everyone? xP). Hankyung said he wants a kind-hearted girl who can take care of his parents and understand him, and would like to get married after 2-3 years of dating her. =) Then Hankyung Siwon and Kyuhyun sang 月亮代表我的心, Ryeowook sang Kiss Goodbye (slightly too powerfully but good nonetheless), Zhou Mi sang Forever Love (his voice is nice), Henry Donghae and Siwon sang 两只老虎, Kyuhyun sang I Believe (HELLO WONDERFUL VOICE *.*), and Hankyung sang 我愿意 (the fans cried and sang it to him too; I think he was touched and happy also that his hard work paid off, so he cried).

part 5 — Focused on Hankyung; about how he had waited 5 years for SJ-M. It’s sad to see him cry. That’s why those immature freaks should burn in hell for bashing SJ-M that he worked so hard for! Then they talked about him being one of the torch-bearers for the upcoming Olympics (I voted for him too okay! xD), and then they asked Siwon to demonstrate how to run with the torch while 耍帅-ing. lol. Last there were some cut scenes and Donghae rapping. =)

A few cuts [in much better quality]:

from 080426 part 2:
What do you like about Hunan? — Siwon said he ate 80 small lobsters, and Hankyung ate 60. o.0 Henry said “Changsha’s fans” in a very cute way (haha!). Siwon was adding random comments; Hankyung talked about how annoying Siwon’s talkativeness was, and Siwon was like (to Hankyung), “你也差不多!”, lol so cute. At first the MC said that he couldn’t tell that Siwon is talkative, but then throughout Siwon kept talking so the MC said “你很爱说话”, then Siwon asked “你怎么知道”, and the MC replied “我看出来了”, and Siwon said “你最棒!”. HAHA. His Chinese is good!

from 080426 part 3:
Who doesn’t like to bathe? — They all said Henry! Kyuhyun was cute when he said, “Henry~!~” . And you can only catch a glimpse of Siwon’s handwriting, but it’s so nice!

Who cries the most? — Seems like it’s obvious to them that it’s Ryeowook. The MC said to Donghae that a lot of fans said that he himself cries a lot, and he was like, “眼睛很帅 (yan4 jing3 hen3 shuai2)” lol no link! xD Anyway, Ryeowook said that he cries a lot ‘cos the members moved him, like he almost cried when watching Henry’s violin performance ‘cos it was so cool. ^^

Who does aegyo the most? — The question is “谁最爱撒娇娇?”, and the MC got Siwon to repeat the question. At first he was like, “shui jiao ai zao *mumblemumble*”, but after that the MC taught him word by word and he said the “娇娇” so cutely haha. And he knew it too, ‘cos after that the crowd cheered and he smiled really brightly sfkglds. The answer is Zhou Mi, and Hankyung imitated his aegyo. SO CUTE hahaha! Zhou Mi’s answer is Donghae, and Henry’s expression when Zhou Mi was imitating Donghae was cutee!

Who likes to look at pretty girls? — The answer is Hankyung! But looking at pretty girls for a guy is pretty normal. The point is SIWON WAS SO HYPER AND FUNNY. I don’t remember him ever being this hyper before. He must be on crack lol. In the beginning when the MCs first asked the question, he was like, “HANKYUNGG~ 你怎么办?!” LMAOO SO CUTE. (Henry was busy lol-ing too) To which Hankyung got up and slammed his board down, lol. Siwon’s handwriting is so good, even in Chinese. It’s better than mine. o.0 And by the way, I love Sihan. (and many other pairings) xDD

Done! That was long… I’ll listen to their album one day! One day..


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