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Fly to the Sky‘s new album – Recollection! This is a remake of songs from the 90s. I never heard these songs before (except for maybe one), but they sang them very well, I must say. It’s a LOVELY album ‘cos EVERY track is rated 5 stars. (One more album on my TO-BUY list!) I’ll say this just once: I don’t have a favourite ‘cos I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG IN THIS ALBUM. xDD I thought Brian has changed his way of singing, in a way. While his voice has always been smooth, nice and everything, at times he comes across as trying too hard to make his voice sound more powerful. But in this album, he sounds completely NATURAL and it’s just awesome. Now you can really hear how melodious his voice is. =D Hwanhee is always technically good and he sounds great as usual. I was actually grinning non-stop today ‘cos they just sound SO GOOD. ^^








^doesn’t the cover look classy? xP

1. 행복을 주는 사람 (Haeng Bogeul Jooneun Saram)
Quite an upbeat song. I said this before, but I really love how their voices complement each other’s. In this song, Brian sings the lower pitch while Hwanhee sings the higher. Individually they sound great, but together sdkfjskgjh NICE. ^^

2. 취중진담 (Chwijoongjindam)
The first single for this album. It’s an almost-acapella song, and you can hear their voices very clearly. I love how the band suddenly starts playing 3/4 through the song. The song itself is simple but sweet-sounding. Here’s the MV, the boys look great in white and Brian got a kissing scene! xD

3. 마지막 사랑 (Majimak Sarang)
A ballad; the song kinda builds up momentum from the beginning to the chorus. You can hear in this song that Brian sounds natural and powerful at the same time. And Hwanhee’s vibrato for the last note is nice!

4. 회상 (Whesang)
The background music is cute. And I find the way Brian sings the first verse cute too. haha.

5. 이밤의 끝을 잡고 (Ibameh Kkeucheul Jabgo)
This song sounds kinda familiar, but I just can’t put my hands on when I heard it before. Hwanhee’s voice near the end sounds quite rough, it’s nice somehow. His high note! 8D

6. 달팽이 (Dalpengi)
I’m positive I heard someone sing this song before. But I can’t remember who! (I think it’s one of the Suju guys though.. Kyuhyun, if I’m not wrong.) Anyway, this song has got a nice tune; very relaxing.

7. 세상끝에서의 시작 (At The Start) (Brian Solo)
This song is SUPER CATCHY!

8. 소원 (Sowon) (Hwanhee Solo)
In my opinion, this is the right song choice for Hwanhee. It’s not too big (not that he can’t handle big songs, but his voice already sounds big enough) and the tune is nice. Hwanhee’s voice sounds so good here OMG.

9. 내 눈물 모아 (My Tears Together)
I can’t express why I like this song. There seems to be nothing special about it, yet I think Brian and Hwanhee are able to bring out the emotions of this song perfectly and GOSH THEY SOUND AWESOME. I actually found myself wishing that I knew the lyrics to it by the time I heard the second chorus the first time I heard the song. That’s how good it is. =)

10. 한장의 추억 (Hanjang eh Choouk)
A very soft, mellow song. Their falsettos are beautiful!


I’m currently hunting for their videos, but ‘cos I got into the fandom so late (smack self in the head), a lot of them are already removed. And there are so little of their videos out there now! T.T


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  1. Nice review… I feel the same with every song.
    I told Brian that they got put so much effort and struggle to make it live. That what most ear-catching, the songs so live… great job, Hwanhee-Brian!!

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