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I haven’t posted anything on DBSK lately that you must think that I’ve gotten off their fandom, haha. But actually I’ve been scanning Soompi for new pictures and stuff. Just minimally, though, ‘cos I don’t have the time to read everything. =( But anyway! They did Samsung Haptic commercials with 4 of SNSD (female version of Suju, consists of 9 members, also in SM). Tiffany with Yunho and Jaeoong (hey she got two of them and now she’s featured in the title song off Dongwan’s new album – lucky girl!), Yoochun with Yoona, Changmin with Jessica, and Junsu isn’t paired up. The girls are pretty. ^^ It was HILARIOUS how the fandom reacted to the pictures that came out initially. I’m not a fantard! 😀 By the way, these CFs are adorable. And the phone looks good. 8D Why don’t they sell Anycall in Singapore?

Let’s Haptic — The boys (minus Junsu) were in a lift with Tiffany, Jessica and Yoona. Yunho’s PRETTY here (in a good way). *.* Then the lift shook and you can see the boys hugging each other (Homin and Jaechun!). The lift then blacked out, and then Yunho took out his Haptic and they started playing with it. It was quite freaky how Changmin said “Something that is better than Jun Ji Hyun. Because you can touch it~” and Yunho and him started making “caressing” gestures. Then Yoochun said “Touch it. The body line~” (Jaejoong was hugging Changmin haha). I think if I were one of the girls I’d be quite scared, lol. Yunho hugged Tiffany! The last part in Junsu singing and sashaying to the lift, and when the door opened he was shocked to see the pairs and ran to tell the manager. haha! =D

Haptic Battle — Yunho and Jaejoong fighting for Tiffany’s attention. Yunho almost kissed Tiffany! xDD (imagine how the fans would react if it really happened haha) Jaejoong was acting like a dork, and Yunho danced ‘cos she said he looked good when he danced (which is totally true xP), but he was too into his dancing to notice her leaving with Jaejoong. Poor him! Then Junsu walked in while he was still dancing and Yunho walked away embarrassed. xD I’m repeating this, but I still have to say that Yunho looks prettyyyy. His outfit+hair+long torso+slim body=pretty! xD

Haptic Scandal — Yunho is acting like a jealous and self-absorbed freak here (why do they portray him that way?), but he’s adorable. Tiffany ditched him for Jaejoong though. Yoochun+Yoona are sweet together! Somehow I burst into laughter every time I see Yoochun saying “..my heart vibrates too..” at 02:21. So funny and cute! xP Changmin+Jessica are kinda cute too. ^^ But my favourite part is the last part, where Jaejoong+Tiffany, Yoochun+Yoona and Changmin+Jessica plus Yunho (alone) and Junsu (he was holding a candy floss xD) walk from different directions and Junsu saw the pairs and went ballistic. I love how he threw his umbrella, shouted “You guys WOAHH came in sets!”, whipped out his Haptic, took pictures and threatened to upload them. I keep LOL-ing when I watch this part. Isn’t Junsu the most ADORABLE thing ever? xDD

Anyway, their Japan “T” tour just ended (they are gonna hold a concert in Taiwan today), and I hope to see the DVD version of it soon! I think the concert this time is a lot bigger, more audience and some of the costumes more… elaborate. They look weird, though. xP But the thing that has been bugging me is this fancam; it’s of Yoosumin doing the 1 2 3 4 5 6 counting (all of them do it during the tour), where 1 2 4 5 are said in a normal way while the 3 and 6 are said in the “sexy” way. In the fancam, it was Yoosumin counting together, and they sorta touched each other (uhm, more like grope) at 6. I know it’s fan-service and the fans may love it, but I find it kinda disturbing, really. I mean, I’m a big fan, and I can feel a bit disturbed, so what about people who don’t know them at all and see this picture? o.0 Thankfully they didn’t let Yunjae do this, or imagine the explosion of the Yunjae fandom. Or at least they included Changmin with Yoosu. =X

And! I said that Yunho looks pretty, but YAY HE GOT A HAIRCUT!! :DDD Too bad it’s after the concert (the DVD will have him with the super long ponytail D:), but at least finally he got his hair cut! (and he looks super fine!) WELCOME BACK MANLY YUNHO! xDDD











And and and! here‘s a fancam of half of Kissしたまま,さよなら LIVE. OMG they sound soooo GOOD. Junsu sounded so emotional at one point, and at that time he looked like he was about to cry. I love how they darkened the stage and focused the lights on Jaejoong for his “Sayonara”. ^^


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