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Dongwan’s new album, The Secret, was released on the 8th, and the title track is 비밀 (Secret), featuring Tiffany in the narration. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet (only listened to 3 so far, will listen to the whole thing soon!), but I’m starting to like this song. It’s a new genre for Dongwan; kinda techno-ish. He sounds good as always. The LIVE performances are perfect too! (1 2) The production videos are adorable too (1 2 3); there’s him fooling around as usual (with Junjin in the first one), being his ADORABLE self, and working hard! Maybe that’s why he looks like he lost even more weight. Rest well, Dongwan! D:

Click! for the MV. He cut his fringe short this time, looking reallyyy good and the haircut makes him look younger. ^^ I really will watch his dramas (one, at the very least) one day ‘cos his acting, as has been proven again and again, is very good. His facial expression! Anyway, in one scene, it showed Dongwan with a cigarette on the table beside him, but I know that he quit some time ago. He’s the most health-conscious out of the members, and I remember reading one of his diary entries that once Eric went into a refrigerator to smoke because Dongwan said he hates the smell of cigarette (lol!). Seriously the members who still smoke (which is like, everyone? but I don’t know whether Andy smokes) should learn from Dongwan. -.-

One day I’ll post pictures taken by Dongwan himself. He likes to take pictures of scenery and such and honestly, they’re so beautiful! =))


random extracts from Shinhwa 10th Anniversary site production notes:

The member that you’ve really wanted to apologize to for the past 10 years
ERIC – Hyesungie. Don’t ask me for the reason, it spoils the mood


What message would you write on each other’s copy of the 10th anniversary album?

Dongwan – Look at Minwoo’s copy
Minwoo – Look at Junjin’s copy
Junjin – Look at Andy’s copy
Andy – Look at Hyesung’s copy
Hyesung – Look at Dongwan’s copy

[erm.. Eric is as weird as ever. xP]

Eric – Sa
Dongwan – Rang
Hyesung – Hae
Junjin – Chong
Andy – Mal

[means “I really love you” or something along that line ^^]

I want to write each of them a very long letter.
And give it to them 10 years later…
(The contents are secret.)

Junjin – Saranghae
Dongwan – Saranghae
Minwoo – Saranghae
Andy – Saranghae
Eric – 2008.5.9

[ROFL again, Ricsung rule! xDD]

Hyesung – You have to become a true little prince…ㅎ
Eric – Don’t always stay in the 4th dimension, come back to reality~ㅋ
Dongwan – If I need to go to the hospital, I will ask hyung first.. ^^
Minwoo – When are you writing me a song?? -.-
Andy – Let’s not cry when the hyungs go to the army, we’ll go and play…

Saranghae♥ Saranghae♥ Saranghae♥ Saranghae♥ Saranghae♥

Source: http://www.shinhwa10th.com
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


Making-of video of Minwoo’s If You (old!) — He seemed so bored, tired and lonely without the members here (he was the only member who went solo at that time). But the whole video is CUTE; he made fun of his own small eyes, etc. I love his laugh. =) And here‘s the real MV, if you haven’t watched it already. The song is sweet and the MV is CUTEx1000000. LIKE, FOR REAL. xDD

080329 MBC Manwon Happiness Ga In Ep. Mindy Cut — Andy is SO GOOD at that guessing game! Minwoo’s part was funny (poor Andy getting told to back off ‘cos the one the girl was looking for was Minwoo). The thing used to transfer solutions in science experiments = spoon? sponge? ROFL. Apparently Minwoo isn’t very good in science. xP Minwoo then told the PD to give them another chance, otherwise his expression would turn scary. His ‘scary’ expression totally got me LMAO-ing, though. Dork. xD

We Got Married Ep 7 – Shinhwa cut — In this show, Andy is “married” to Solbi (a female celebrity), they live together and show how their “married life” would be. They are cute as a couple. ^^ It’s been pretty popular and I’m suspecting that she really likes him (she’s a fan of Eric too), haha. But anyway, Shinhwa was on this episode, and it was during their 10th Anniversary day. Solbi came to the press conference site and bring food; it’s cute how the members called her “sister-in-law” and Dongwan even hugged her at one point (he kept cracking lame jokes and was being so hyper, too adorable omg)! Andy and Solbi were very comfortable and natural with each other, that the members got jealous. Then they asked him to kiss her since she made food for all of them (Minwoo did a demonstration by kissing Hyesung on the cheek xD), and he really did, twice (under the members’ bugging)! The members’ reactions are funny and adorable! =D In the end Minwoo got Solbi to bite a strawberry which Andy was holding with his mouth, and asked her to “do it as far as you love him”. Then Dongwan pushed her and they kissed on the lips LOLOL. All the members took the picture and their mouth fell open, haha. Naughty Dongwan! xP


Last but not least, an extract from Dongwan’s diary entry from last year:

p.s. yesterday Oh! Person I Love most funniest line
“Like me, don’t even need to eat and can still grow tall, don’t even need to study and can still become smart.”

don’t even need to eat and can still grow tall…. don’t even need to eat and can still grow tall
don’t even need to eat and can still grow tall
don’t even need to eat and can still grow tall

Me, who ate properly and still didn’t grow tall …-___-;



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