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Star Golden Bell ep 184 with Brian, Epik High (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Brian is cutee to the max (and friendly too!); it was hilarious when the MC said that Julian Kang (one of the guests) said before, “Brian is so cute, I want to carry him on my shoulders”, and he even elaborated by saying, “Brian is so short, he probably can’t see anything in the middle of a crowd.” hahahaha. And the small kid Dong Hyun said that a duck has a sexy behind (butt), but when asked said that Brian’s is sexier, which led the MC to ask Brian to show it. LOL. (he actually has a nice body xDD) Epik High members are cute too. I think Mithra is adorable (he kinda failed at addition in the beginning lol) so I don’t know why they were teasing him about his face. It was quite saddening to hear the nicknames Tablo has got because of his looks, but whatever, he’s cute. I wish they’d show more of DJ Tukutz, though. The whole show is funny, by the way.

Star Golden Bell ep 186 with Dongwan (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Same show as above^. Dongwan’s smile seriously KILLS, okay. It was so funny when he gave out weird health suggestions after being called a “walking pharmacy”. He’s just so witty and humorous throughout; once he answered “Junjin” when asked who is sexy, lol. And he looks good; you totally can’t tell that he’s 28. SS501 was also there. (I’m gonna check out their videos!) I like how some of the guests there said Dongwan’s name as “Kim Dongwan sunbae-nim.” ^^ And I’ve said this quite a lot of times, but Dongwan is a good actor. =) And and I LIKE DONG HYUN! He’s so cute, guh. His favourite singer is Andy and he said Dongwan is “a kind person”, plus he’s smart and is a fan of Shinhwa. xD

SS501 on Sukira (1 2 3 4 5) — This can get very long so some highlights: Jungmin’s self-obsessiveness (he sounds like Heechul lol), Hyungjoon being so cute throughout (the funny stories about UFO kidnapping a cow and the one where he “ran away from home” for only 6 hours lol) Hyunjoong talking about Hwangbo (she should totally watch it), their ideal girls (Hyungjoon’s is BoA and he was so shy about it; he’s so cute lol), singing A Song Calling For You (it’s addictive; lalalalala), stories of their trainee years (Kyujong talked about how Jungmin held him back from leaving when he almost gave up =) (Kyujong comes across as a nice guy), Hyunjoong talked about how they would bond over ramen and apple juice, Hyungjoon talked about some people who acted friendly after he debuted), and Hyunjoong singing Rain really well at the end (despite being slightly off-tempo xP).

SS501 on School of Rock (1 2 3) — First was the yes/no questions. In the end the verdict was that Youngsaeng and Jungmin are normal, Hyunjoong is going towards psycho, and Hyungjoon is already psycho LOL. (I think they cut Kyujong’s part out.) Then they were assigned missions; (Hyunjoong’s was canceled due to the PD’s lack of preparations) Hyungjoon’s was to do a sexy wave while being a parking assistant. At first Hyungjoon was more reserved, but later looked like he was totally enjoying himself and it was sooo funny. Then the ceremony for the students began and the school mascot, “Little S” entered. It danced with the students and seriously it was HILARIOUS when it started staggering ‘cos of its heavy big head and eventually fell. It turned out that Boom was in the costume, haha. So the School of Rock was revealed, the boys sang Four Chance and they played the “5 words” game, where fans made requests. A fan got a group hug, Kyujong sang for one (his voice is nice), Jungmin and Hyunjoong did some sexy dance for one. One fan was like, “Come seduce me.” At first the boys danced a little, then Hyunjoong danced around her; I’d have totally died lol. Another fan was like, “Can I touch you?” (LOL) and Jungmin was like, “Where do you want to touch?” hahaha. Then they sang another song (which sounds nicee). Youngsaeng’s voice sounds a lot like Ryeowook’s. Then some girls danced and I was.. quite horrified. (one girl crawled between their legs o.0) Last they sang Coward. ^^


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