More SS501 videos! xD

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More SS501 videos! (Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. xP)

Thanks for Waking Me Up (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Basically Park Kyung Lim went to the boys’ apartment once a week trying to wake them up in the morning. They look so normal without their make-up, ruffled hair and in their pajamas. Kyujong is always the first to wake up (he’s such a good boy ♥), Hyungjoon’s voice is hoarse in the morning (he’s so cute in this xD), Youngsaeng being so image-conscious (he checks his hair first thing lol), Jungmin being so violent at anybody who tried to wake him up but became tame once you put a carrot in his mouth LOL (he kicked, pulled and bit them haha), and Hyunjoong who is just such a deep sleeper, it’s almost impossible to wake him up (he slept through ice being put into his clothes, dogs walking all over him, make-up put on his face, etc). They then went to PKL’s house in the last episode to take revenge, lol. The whole thing is adorable, really. =)

KM Idol World (1st parts of ep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — This is just so SO hilarious. It was filmed when the boys just went to Japan, and they had to do some missions. Jungmin’s and Kyujong’s Japanese are quite good. I don’t wanna write an essay, so just some highlights: Hyungjoon and Jungmin (they called themselves Minjun lol) bickering throughout the 7 episodes (they’re sooo dramatic; doing impromptu acting, “breaking up”, wrestling on the bed, etc etc), Hyungjoon’s birthday prank (he cried aww), Hyungjoon being all scared for the cemetery segment (while Hyunjoong got through it like it was nothing, lol), them being blown by the strong wind (Jungmin’s umbrella lmao) and the mini drama they did (kinda creepy but good!). After watching this, I’m convinced that Jungmin and Hyunjoong are crazy. Jungmin is crazy in the loud and obvious type (he is on crack 100% of the time, seriously, they should give him some acting roles!), while Hyunjoong is the random and once-in-a-while-you-can-tell-that-he’s-actually-insane type. The whole group is crazy, actually. ♥

in PKL Wonderful Outing (1 2 3 4 5 6) — First they talked for a bit (one of the MCs asked if Hyungjoon put flour on his face rofl, his skin is just very fair xP); Hyunjoong was supposed to answer some questions but he went totally off-topic and explained that he just woke up. lol cute leader! ♥ For the next segment, “Silhouette Chatting”, the MCs ‘kidnapped’ Jungmin in advance (and interrogated him), and the members had to find him amongst the 4 people behind the screen. First the members talked about Jungmin (mostly bad stuff haha) while Jungmin sat behind the screen looking framed. Then they were asked some questions, like about whether they fought before, watching porn (lol Hyungjoon totally dug his own grave xD), ideal girls (they talked about SNSD; Youngsaeng’s so shyyy, he likes Taeyeon! Hyunjoong’s “Getting older now, liking younger friends” was so funny haha). Next they competed to grab a bath stool (too lazy to explain =X), and Kyujong seemed like he was getting injured a lot, but he won in the end. Then suddenly Jungmin cried ‘cos he said that Kyujong really wanted that stool, but you can see the other members looking like they thought he was acting. haha. LOL at Hyunjoong’s “When I’m awake, the recording is over.” And Hyungjoon laughed so much in this show; he’s cute! xD

Hyunderella — The title should tell you that this is so RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY. I don’t even know what to say since everything is so hilarious. They went to a holiday with a kid, and in the beginning there’s a lot of goofing around karaoke-ing. Then they acted out Hyunderella, where Hyunjoong became Cinderella, Jungmin the step-sister, Youngsaeng the step-mother, Hyungjoon the prince, and Kyujong the magician. Have you seen Cinderella, the step-sister and step-mother dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, and the prince dancing to JT’s Sexyback before? Not to mention the ending, where Hyunderella ended up with the magician and the prince with the step-sister. It’s such a CRACK, really. LOL.

Hyunjoong and Jungmin flicking each other on camera — Like I said, Hyunjoong and Jungmin are crazy. Youngsaeng was being interviewed and the two were supposed to film him (I think) but they were actually flicking each other and stuff. It may not sound funny, but it is. lol. And Kyujong at the back dying of laughter; he’s so cute! xP

I listened to their Korean songs, and honestly, they’re not bad at all! Their debut album is really good. Their dance songs are catchy (like seriously catchy, I’m still trying to get Deja Vu out of my head), the happy songs are cute and they make me happy, while their ballads are pretty too (shut up, I’m just a sucker for ballads xP). Youngsaeng’s voice is just SO NICE, guh. (He’s the quietest, but it’s okay; he can just reserve his voice for singing. xD) I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s the best singer in the group, such control! 8D I can almost differentiate Kyujong and Hyunjoong’s voices, but the rest are distinguishable. I uploaded A Song Calling For You (not the best song to showcase their vocals, but it’s the first song of theirs I heard), so give it a listen! Like I said, it’s addictive. LALALALALA~ =D


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