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I uploaded a few songs, either by request or ‘cos I felt like sharing them. So I’m gonna put the whole list here. Do try these songs out; they’re all really good. ^^

Alex – 화분 (Flowerpot)Alex sang for ShinAe in the 8th episode of We Got Married when they were about to part (here). (that was so touching and sad T.T) The lyrics are like, totally directed to ShinAe. Anyway, his voice is very soothing and nice.

Angela Zhang – 亲爱的,那不是爱情 — Obviously you know that Angela Zhang is a very good singer with a very big range. This song is a ballad; the tune is nice and it’s composed by Jay. xP I don’t know what’s up with the forest thing in the MV though.

Brian – 검은눈물 (gumunnunmul) — One of the songs off his solo album. It sounds really really sad.

Dong Bang Shin Ki – Kissしたまま、さよなら — This song is SO SAD, right from the beginning where Yoochun sounded like he was choked on tears to Jaejoong’s “Sayonara~~” at the end. I still don’t get what’s with “longway people” (it still sounds like “lonely people” to me), but heck. They sound good and that’s it. It’s composed by Micky and Jaejoong too. ^^

Epik High – Lesson One (Tablo’s Word) — Tablo’s rapping is awesome. The lyrics are good!

Epik High – Fan — A very catchy song. I like the lyrics! (I posted it here) The MV is creepy, but so good.

Fly to the Sky – Condition of My Heart — The first FTTS song that I listened to. It’s an R&B song that was composed by Brian McKnight for them. The actress who acted in the MV is really pretty, Hwanhee looks good and Brian is as cute as ever. xD

Fly to the Sky – 가슴아파도 (Even though my heart aches) — This song was the soundtrack for the drama Fashion 70s. Vocal showcase for the boys. =)

Fly to the Sky – 남자답게 (Like a Man) — The first single off FTTS’ 6th album, Transition. A pretty ballad by FTTS. Look out for Hwanhee’s ad-lib at the end! The boys look hot in the MV. 8D

Fly to the Sky – 피 (避) (Blood) — The 2nd single after Like A Man, and the MV is a continuation from that song also. Lucky girl got to kiss both Brian and Hwanhee! xD I think Brian’s voice suits this song very well.

Fly to the Sky – 내 눈물 모아 (My Tears Together) — One of the songs off their latest remake album, Recollection. Like I said here, I just LOVE this song. Period.

Jay Chou – 以父之名 — The first single off his 4th album, 葉惠美. The beginning of the song can be kinda creepy, but I like it! Jay acted as some Yakuza member in the MV, I think.

Jay Chou – 晴天 — This song is very simple, very relaxing. It doesn’t sound like a sad song, but the lyrics are actually quite sad. Jay had his first on-screen kiss in the MV, and he played the cello! 8D

Jay Chou – 黄金甲 — The soundtrack for Jay’s 2nd movie, Curse of the Golden Flower. It’s kinda rock-ish and I like Jay’s voice here. I think he looked very good with his hair like that in the MV, but the purple suit thing is a no-no. =X

Kangta – Propose — A very sweet song. The MV is oh-so-cute; about a pair of high school students. ^^

Kim Dongwan – My Love (feat. Eric) — At first I didn’t really like this song, but after a while, it grew on me. It’s catchy and Dongwan’s ad-lib at the end is so good. It’s composed by Minwoo, and unless my ears are playing tricks on me, he sang a teeny little bit at the end of the song.

Lee Minwoo – Girl Friend — The thing about Minwoo is that he expresses his emotions very well with his voice. The song is sad enough without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, but the lyrics makes me die, every time. And the MV is even sadder. T.T He looks hot in it though. xP

Lee Minwoo – 너뿐이라고 (Untouchable Part II) — My favourite Minwoo song. It’s off his 3rd album, Explore M (awesome album!). I love how he seemed to shout out of agony near the end of the song. ♥

Shinhwa – How Do I Say — Quite an upbeat song. It makes me happy~ ^^ The lyrics are cute and the boys look good in the MV.

SS501 – Fighter — It’s a dance song, the tune is catchy and the MV is quite hot. I like Jungmin’s hair like that and Youngsaeng looks good with the hair extensions. I think Hyungjoon’s voice really suit this song; my favourite part in the whole song is actually his “Come on I don’t wanna fight” part in the beginning of the chorus.

SS501 – 널 부르는 노래 (A Song Calling for You) — The first SS501 song that I listened to. It’s addictive~! lalalalala. The MV is cutee too; Hyunjoong looks so good in that cowboy outfit and that hair.

Super Junior – So I — A nice ballad. I love Kang In’s falsetto here!

Super Junior – 미워 (Hate U, Love U) — My favourite Suju song, ever. (So I comes close after.) Everyone just sounds so nice here. And the lyrics are sad.


Please comment if you download, and don’t post these direct links anywhere. =)



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  1. thank you so much for the fly to the sky songs :]

  2. ^no problem. =)

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