We Got Married Hyunjoong/Hwangbo ep 14

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This episode is just so freakin’ funny, like OMG. I mean, Hyunjoong is always funny, but the previous few episodes weren’t as funny. In the beginning, Alex and ShinAe came back to the studio (YAYYY), and the MC asked Hyunjoong who is prettier, ShinAe or Hwangbo. Hyunjoong answered that the two styles are too different; Hwangbo is South-East-Asian (lol) while ShinAe is European. But then he said that he preferred “Asian style.” =)

In this episode, basically they were supposed to go on a vacation, and so they went to the man-made beach. First they did a bit of warm-up exercises, and Hyunjoong “helped” her at one point (dunno how to explain =X), and the audience was going wild ‘cos of the skinship lol. In the previous episode, Hyunjoong said that he can dive very well, so Hwangbo threw her sunglasses for him to dive and get it. He wanted to get it, but the man-made wave came and hence he couldn’t.

Then it showed Hyunjoong’s interview, where he said some funny things about training his “inner strength” so that next time he’d be able to get it. The point is: when asked if he’d get it if anyone throws it, he said that it has to be “Hwangbuin” (buin=wife; he’s been calling her that throughout the show xD) who throws it, if not he’d be like a puppy. Then he continued, “I want to become Hwangbuin’s puppy” with that biggg smile of his. OMG THAT WAS SO SWEET. ♥

Next it showed the couple back at the beach, playing with the wave. Apparently Hwangbo was tired and couldn’t move or something so Hyunjoong dragged her around, lol. Then they came out and Hwangbo was all tired, so she said that she’s old, and asked whether Hyunjoong isn’t tired, but he said, “Because I’m still young!” loll. Hyunjoong kept asking Hwangbo to rest ‘cos “she didn’t look too good” and teased her about her age haha. They rested on the long bench and Hwangbo asked him for any “special service” since she was tired, and he wanted to give her a foot massage! But obviously she jumped by a mile and refused. (‘cos he’s an idol and fear of the fans? -.-)

It showed Hwangbo’s interview next, and she commented on how the warm-up exercise that was supposed to make her relax made her more nervous, and the caption said “foot massage -> leg cramp” LOL. Back at the beach, Hwangbo said she wanted water, so Hyunjoong went, but he ended up walking to the beach and scooped a handful of water hahahaha. Then they played the “catching game” again, but this time Hwangbo was supposed to catch Hyunjoong, and they also bet on ice cream. Hyunjoong said he’d run slowly but he still ran very fast, so she couldn’t catch him and so she lost the bet. (She looked a bit pissed to.) But they ended up buying a can of beer to share, haha.

They sat down under the shade and drank, but they got silent so it was awkward. When Hwangbo said this to Hyunjoong, he told her to think of something else, pointed at a horse statue fountain and said, “That one there, is Jungmin spitting saliva.” lol! Then they talked about Chakra (Hwangbo used to be in that girlband), and Hyunjoong said he thought Hwangbo was an Indian hahaha. He even invented an Indian name for her, “Al-ma-ja-ha-de” ROFL. They talked some more about Chakra; everything was funny haha.

Then the went back to the beach and met the CrownJ/InYoung couple (another couple on the show which I apparently have to watch too ‘cos I watched Come To Play – WGM Special and they seemed so comfortable with each other), and ended up playing with the waves together. That ended this episode!

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo seem much more comfortable with each other as compared to the last episode, but that’s when they are doing something and don’t need to sit down and talk, lol. Can’t wait for the next episode! ^^


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