We Got Married…

June 26, 2008 at 6:07 pm | Posted in Shinhwa | 1 Comment

…is a very scary program. That’s what Solbi said in episode 15, and I agree, really. From the beginning it was quite obvious that Solbi likes Andy, and while Andy likes her too, she likes him more than he likes her. Now she’s actually really falling for him. Andy did say that Solbi is “very charming” and he’s liking her more, but will he feel the same way about her? I don’t think he does, now, at least. But after Solbi’s confession, I think he’ll feel sorry for her, hence feel more pressurised and also feel like he is obliged to return her feelings. I’ll be really happy for both of them if it can work out. But coming from someone like me, I’d say that the best way for Solbi, for her not to get hurt, is to control her feelings. It’s just a TV program.

Initially when I started watching the show I did think about how the celebs are supposed to draw the line between the show and reality; after all it’s just a TV program and in real life the couples aren’t married. But I guess I had too much fun watching the show that I didn’t think of it anymore. It’s interesting to watch, but if I was a celeb I really wouldn’t want to go on the program. The show is supposed to show how their relationship would progress if they were married, but once the recording is over, everyone say “bye” to each other and lead their own lives? If one doesn’t think about his/her partner after the recording, would their ‘relationship’ progress at all? Unless he can act, I don’t think so. So supposed to show progress = have to take the relationship seriously = put in real feelings? Then if one really falls in love with her partner, what is she supposed to do? Wait and hope for the guy to fall for her, and if he doesn’t, get rejected in front of the whole country?

They should have either get some cold-blooded people who can draw a clear line, or some people who can act very well. I don’t even feel like watching it anymore, it’s getting painful to watch. Solbi is in deep shit and I suspect Alex is too, while Hwangbo seems like she has one foot in the shit. Gosh what a screwed up program. Is it fun to play around with people’s feelings?


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  1. cute couple…..

    solby luv andy?i thing so…!

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