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From a BigEast episode.

Yoochun : Approximately, how long does DBSK take to master a new dance? Also who masters it the fastest and who makes the most mistakes?
Changmin : Firstly, the person who masters it the fastest is Junsu. Although Junsu looks like that…
Junsu : After listening to Changmin, everyone might think he’s lying.
Changmin : Yeah, everyone might not be able to believe it!
Yoochun : Junsu memorizes the dance steps really quickly and once he masters it, he wouldn’t forget it!!
Changmin : Although he looks like that, strangely, he’s smart
Yoochun : He’s really smart.
Junsu : Does this person (the one who posted the question) want us to reveal the way to master the dance steps quickly??
Yoochun : A method…
Junsu : The method is you must be very focused. if you’re not focused, the number of time you practice doesn’t matter, you really have to have the passion for it.
Changmin : If you’re not focused, you wouldn’t be able to remember
Junsu : If our condition is good, recently we…
Changmin : Recently for a new dance we take…
Junsu : Less than a day I think?? ..Changmin makes some mistakes sometimes.
Changmin : However, as who makes the most mistakes..
Junsu : In terms of mistakes..
Yoochun : Who is it?
Junsu : I think it’s Yunho
Yoochun : I think so too!!
Junsu : Of course he dances very well.
CM and YC : Dances well..
Yoochun : However…
Junsu : Making mistakes is another matter altogether
Changmin : Yeah, I hope he’d continue working hard
(Junsu and Yoochun burst into laughter)
Junsu : he need to be more focused..but Changmin shouldn’t…
(Everyone burst into laughter)
Changmin : I was just joking
Junsu : Changmin shouldn’t have said that!!

LOL poor Yunho with his bad memory. xD

Today’s picture of the day!












...’cos I’ve been Hosu-deprived, lol. The two of them are taking part in some cf, I think. ^^ It’s Haptic! =)


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