more Hyesung’s comeback performances!

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More of Hyesung’s comeback performances (that I promised I’d stalk, lol). His voice is just PERFECTION; every performance is vocally awesome. So instead of repeating that 4976523 times, I’ll just comment on other stuff. Oh, and his hair is nice. =)


Because of You

Credits to furara @ youtube

The stage looks gorgeous and I love what he’s wearing. I like how he hung his head after the performance, plus the wind blowing, it looks cool, somehow. xP


Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

I love how many instruments are on the stage; violins, cellos, guitars, drums, a DJ (he’s very far away from the stage, but still xD) and a keyboard. I’m loving Hyesung’s rocker attitude too. But I laughed a little at the way he was moving at around 2:25 when the two guitarists came up on either side of him and did their solos; he moved a little but still so restrained, lmao. I think if it was me I’d have, I dunno, imitated the guitar strumming and bobbed my head up and down? lol. xDD

Because of You

Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

I didn’t know that this song also requires the violins and cellos since it has never been performed with them, lol. Love his outfit, again. (He just looks good, heck. xDD)

When is Because of You MV gonna be released? I can’t wait. And the translations of the lyrics of the songs too; I need those like, YESTERDAY. D:

Younha’s album was released 2 days ago in Korea; so far it sounds very good but I’ll have to listen to it more. =)


Shin Hyesung 3rd album Side 1 – Live and Let Live.

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Firstly, whoever came up with the title “Live And Let Live” is a genius. It means “You live your life while I live mine” and “Just let me be, I’ll do things the way I want to”, which conveys the message of Hyesung will do the music he wants to, not just the music everyone is used to see him doing. Short but impactful.








Secondly, the stylist and photographer of the album are awesome. Just look at the album cover! Somehow I think it’s really beautifully shot; the angle and the whole atmosphere of it. Hyesung’s looking hot with the hair, the unbuttoned shirt, the pose and the expression. And is that a bellybutton I see? I know I sound like a pervie, but really, Hyesung has never bared skin for any of his albums before (except for Shinhwa’s 4th album, where everyone went nude, so that’s not counted), so this is something! lol. xD (The album booklet is filled with really nice pictures too! ^^)

Thirdly, and the best part, is of course the music. I’m very glad to see Hyesung challenging new genres that he’s never done before, and doing it well. Really, I’ve never doubted that he can pull it off. *beams* Hyesung himself said not to lower our standards just because it’s a new territory for him, and obviously, being an avid music fan more than any artist, I didn’t.

I really love this whole album; every track is unique and the (background) music itself is good, not just Hyesung’s wonderful vocals. There are actually only 8 full songs in this album (not counting the instrumentals), but I’m okay with it since the songs are good and even the instrumentals are good. Quality matters more than quantity! I don’t have a favourite song (yet), anyway, but I do have I think 4 of them?

1. Live and Let Live
[Composed by Vink / Arranged by Jung Gu Hyun]
A 2-minute introduction to the album. I think the beats sorta builds up the atmosphere for the album.

2. Awaken
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog]
This song is described as a mix of alt-rock and emo-rock; it’s very catchy and Hyesung’s powerful voice just completes the whole song. Hyesung’s image is never associated with rock, but this song just totally convinces me that Hyesung can be a Ballad Prince, a rocker, a.. whatever he wants to be at the same time. I especially love the way he sings the first part of the song softer, and the second half more powerfully. The music itself is amazing, but more to that later.

3. 그대라서 (Because of You)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Yoon Sara]
The title track of the album; it’s described as Britrock. I love how this song starts out; the piano (or is it keyboard?) starts and then Hyesung’s voice comes, and then the guitar and everything else comes in. I love how this song seems to have a tinge of sadness to it; it must be Hyesung’s way of singing it. Heavenly voice. *sigh* I love the quiet atmosphere in the beginning of the song, how the song builds up in the middle and goes quiet again at the end with the piano. Gosh, I just love this song. *___*

4. 사랑하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day to Love) (Duet with Honey Lee)
[Composed & Arranged by Ha Jung Ho / Lyrics by Ha Jung Ho]
A retro-funk song (not that I know what that means xP); it’s quite a mellow song other than the chorus and is rather catchy. “Baby I love you~~.” Honey Lee is Miss Korea, by the way, and while she doesn’t sound especially powerful or anything, her voice is quite sweet and the duet parts sound nice. (I really think that Hyesung’s voice blends well with any females’. Strange, huh?)

5. Urban Fever (Feat. Showgun)
[Composed & Arranged by SoulShop / Lyrics by Wheesung]
The beats (retro-funk again, apparently xP) make this song sound like one to be played in a club, except that the tempo isn’t that fast, lol. The song is “a combination of retro-funk beats and electronica”, which refers to the occasional editting of Hyesung’s voice (as in those kinda voice change to a computerised sound, you know?), I think.

6. Waltz
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
A one-minute instrumental; as the title says, it’s waltz! The waltz beat is cute and there’s the piano playing as well. Makes me think of a couple dancing. xD

7. Love Actually (Feat. Vink)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog]
I like the beat of the song; it’s quite fast and the song sounds happy and cute. ^^

8. Peter Pan’s Serenade
[Composed & Arranged by Song Kwang Shik / Lyrics by Song Kwang Shik]
I think this song is really interesting; a lot of different instruments are used for the music (brass and strings, etc). I’m not a big fan of jazz, especially this type of jazz with the trumpet sounds and stuff, as I think it sounds a bit corny, but heck, Hyesung sounds really good, especially when pulling those higher notes. “onjehna I love you~~” I don’t know how to spell the Korean, but whatever. xD

9. Promise (Duet. Yurisangja’s Park Seung Hwa)
[Composed by Park Seung Hwa / Arranged & Lyrics by Jung Hoon]
A very sweet song! Park Seung Hwa’s softer and higher voice is contrasting to Hyesung’s solid voice, and the two guys’ voices blend well. I think the accoustic guitar part in the middle sounds really sweet as well.

10. 후유증 (Sequelae)
[Composed & Arranged by Kim Jae Suk(Wanted) / Lyrics by Choi Shin Won]
A beautiful R&B song, and the only one in this album. Somewhat closer to Hyesung’s usual type of songs. It’s nothing short of amazing, really. I love how much control he has over his voice, how his voice blends with the music but yet stands out from the background. Gosh I just love his voice. (It’s (one of two) my favourite voice in the whole KPop, what more can I say?)

Sidetrack – Kim Jae Suk is the one who wrote Shinhwa’s Just One More Time, which is my favourite song ever, omg. I really love his voice too; I only heard him sing in one song which is a duet with Dongwan (I really love that song too!). I think I’m gonna check this guy out sometime.

11. Awaken (Inst.)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
I don’t usually keep any instrumentals in my music library, but seriously, I love this song. The loud drums intro alone sounds promising, and throughout the song, there is the addictive drum beats and in the chorus, the electric guitar (3:01-3:33!). There’s even scratching at the bridge! The whole song makes me wish I can play drums. xD

12. 그대라서 (Because of You) (Inst.)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
Vink, I don’t know who you are, but just for composing 4 songs in this album, you rock! ♥ I love this instrumental song too; there’s the piano, soft drum beats and electric guitar. My favourite part is where the electric guitar gets louder 2:28-2:46 into the song; somehow it just sounds so so so nice, homg. *___*

Fourthly, and probably the most obvious one, I LOVE YOU HYESUNG! Seriously. It must take a lot of courage step out of a 10-year-old comfort zone that is well established and approved of. According to Hyesung, this Side 1 is the album that he wants to do; a wide variety of genres to broaden his musical boundaries. Hyesung, your music knows no boundaries, remember that! ♥ I like all the new genres he’s trying out, but I especially love the rock. I’m all for the rock. xD

Side 2 of the album will consist of ballads – the return of the Ballad Prince! I think a lot of fans are more used to Hyesung doing ballads, so he definitely won’t abandon his home ground. (^^,) It’ll be released around December, I think. At that time I’ll probably hate you for burning a hole in my pocket, but really, I love you, Hyesung. ♥♥♥ Do include rock in your future albums, please! An album with ballads and rock will make my life complete. 😀 (What? It’s just an expression. xD)

240808 Hyesung’s Comeback at Inkigayo.

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Credits to sogoodla @ youtube.

He performed Because of You and Awaken, the two rock songs and also two of my favourite tracks off the album. (I still can’t decide; too many good songs!) There was the live band playing with him (the rock band N.E.X.T, which plays the instruments for the song), and the energy and vocals are all good. The performance is nothing short of awesome; he sang both songs almost perfectly (I say almost ‘cos I’m always objective, never biased and kinda picky in terms of quality of music), which equals to a really really good performance. I just thought that he should have been more “high” and interact more with the band members, especially the guitarist who came to the front for his guitar solo. (Or is it supposed to be an “emo” song and he isn’t supposed to do that?) But well, this is his first performance and hence he was probably nervous, since it’s a new genre for him and all. Hyesung hwaiting! ^^ (I’m SO stalking his upcoming performances. *whistles*)

Something other than the music – Hyesung cut his hair! I was actually thinking how he’d pull off the rock look with the long hair of his (in his 2nd album) that made him look so pretty (I know I’d probably get bricked by Hyesung for saying this xDD), so I wasn’t really surprised to see him sporting this new hairdo. I think I’m more used to the pretty Hyesung, but he looks okay; the image suits the songs and it looks quite cool. And I think those arms must be the result of his work-out, eh? 8D

Oh and another thing, Junjin was there too, 4:04 into the video, waving an orange balloon. xDDD

Birthday Post: Yesung.

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Happy 24th, Kim Jong Woon Yesung! Stay happy and take care of yourself! ^^

Yesung is one of my (six) favourite members in Super Junior, purely on account of his voice. (Other than that, I really have no right to say anything about him since I really don’t know enough about any Suju members, which is why this is not a pimp post. =X) Seriously, how can anyone not fall for that sexy voice of his? xD I said before that Yesung can’t really hit the high notes, but now he’s improved a lot and yes, he can hit those notes. Which makes him one of the best singers out there, really, since his voice + technique = gfhlslkMAGIC. =)

PICTURES. Very surprisingly, I have the most solo pictures of him out of all Suju members, even though some of the other members are better-looking. (Well.. to be honest he’s the only member that I looked for pictures of, so the comparison is not exactly fair. xP) Maybe that has something to do with him being such a cam-whore, but anyway, I think he’s cute; he makes a lot of hilarious expressions and his smile is adorable. He’s got chubby cheeks too. Can you believe that he’s 24? ‘Cos I think he looks way younger. And good singers always look hot when singing. What. xDDD

I got carried away so it became quite a picspam. xP So here’s a ZIP! ^^

Credits: soompi


VIDEOS. Yesung is really underrated, imo.  But he’s actually really cute and just deserves more love than he’s getting, and I’m glad that he’s getting more attention these days. He needs to have more confidence in himself too. Yesung hwaiting! ♥
Miracle for You singing cuts: If you haven’t heard Yesung singing before, seriously you should check these videos out; his husky voice is enough to make me melt. And he always sings with so much emotions, guh. Why can’t I listen to Korea radio here? A DJ with a voice like Yesung’s is TO-DIE-FOR; I wouldn’t need an mp3 player. (Well, I’d still need one, but that’s beside the point.)
내 눈물 모아
해줄 수 없는 일
I Do
Free to Fly
singing cut

Cute clips: Yesung is cute, he just doesn’t know it. =)
Lip-synching to Miracle — Singing and dancing to the song.

Miracle for You with Kyuhyun cute cuts — Watch out for his many adorable expressions in the beginning, Kyuhyun imitating Ryeowook’s voice (and Yesung’s voice cracking when he tried xP) and being all smiley throughout. Yesung seems like such a good hyung. I like his hair like that. And doesn’t he look as young as Kyuhyun? ^^

Miracle For You Drama Intro Crazy Cut — Intro for the drama him and Kyuhyun did on the show. Yesung was waving like a kid, lol he’s cute.

Every1 Idol Ep. 6 – Yesung Ending Cut — He was trying to break a picture of his hilarious expression when singing; biting and bending it, looking positively crazy, lol. ♥

Birthday celebration at Sukira — Leeteuk and Eunhyuk sang the birthday song for him; he was so high and made the “woo woo woo!” sounds during the song, and immediately blew the candles (on the very big cake) after. Then Eunhyuk asked him to do a kiss for the fans, I think, so he did and it sounds sexy, hahaha.

Laughing on Miracle for You (with Ryeowook) — A short compilation of him laughing on the show. His laughter is so cute and so infectious, lol. And the funny thing is that Ryeowook wasn’t even laughing and Yesung was lmao-ing on his own, rofl. He looked crazy again. ♥

Imitating Kangin, Siwon and Donghae — His imitation of Kangin’s smile is spot-on!

Yesung kissing Eunhyuk — As what the title says. Dangerous Yesung. xDD

Eating pepper and wasabi — He said that he couldn’t taste anything so the guy next to him gave him pepper and sausage with wasabi to eat. Poor him tried to keep a straight face, but in the end after the wasabi he couldn’t help pinching his nose. It’s cute but I feel sorry for him; I still remember the EHB episode where he had to eat the spicy pepper. D:

Imitating his vocal teacher’s expression — This was during EHB; he talked about how his vocal teacher’s expression was very funny when he sang Brian McKnight’s Home, but he couldn’t laugh ‘cos the teacher is a scary, strict one. Yesung’s expression is oh-so-hilarious. xD

Misc singing cuts: Because I can listen to his voice all day, and seriously, no matter what I’m gonna nag at you until give his singing a listen. xP
Performing A Cut Deeper than Love with Dana — The high notes sound kinda strained at some parts (but he’s improved a lot now ^^), but it was a good performance. Dana is a very good singer! The rehearsal is funny, though; he kept messing up and Dana was pissed, lol. xP

20051213 Performing Saranghargge — A really good performance; that falsetto in the middle! 8D He looks really good here too.

• Every 1 Idol Show serenade cuts (1 2) — How wonderful it must be to have Yesung singing while being all smiley AND presenting a flower for you. 😀 (I think I’ll need to watch this show..)

160608 Kiss The Radio — He was having some trouble with the mic; he couldn’t hear anything from the earphone (he was so cute when he was trying to fix it, lol) so the performance was ended early, I think. But he still sounds awesome as usual. ^^

080816 U-Kiss’ Showcase – SS501’s HyungJoon Visits

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^Hyungjoon coming to U-Kiss’ showcase in Japan; his younger brother Kibum (not Suju’s Kibum! xD) is in it. (He used to be in the boyband Xing.) Hyungjoon is the maknae of SS501 so we’ve never really seen him behaving like an older brother like in this video; he was all big-brotherly, hugging and touching Kibum’s face a lot. (There must be some SS501 fangirls in the audience; the screamings got louder when Hyungjoon touched Kibum’s face. xD) He seems like such a nice, friendly sunbae to the other members too. He’s really just too cute for words, seriously. That SMILE of his, omigosh. ♥♥♥ He was wearing a casual tee and black sunglasses; I like how he looked, from his hair to his get-up. ^^ (Even though I’d like to see his smiling eyes too. xP) Guh, I didn’t realise I’ve turned into such a fangirl. =X

Anyway, the members of U-Kiss seem really really young, and Kibum (he’s born in 1990) looks like his older brother. They’ve got the same fair skin! (So unfairrr.) Even the way they cry looks similar, lol! I wish them all the best. =)

And Hyungjoon, be happy always! ‘Cos really, your smile brings happiness to me a lot of people. ♥

Pimp Post: Junjin.

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Happy 28th, Park Choong Jae Jinnie! xP Please take good care of yourself; don’t make us fans worry about you all the time. Stay happy!

Junjin is not my favourite member in Shinhwa, but I really do like him too. He has gone through a lot to be where he is now and always works hard in everything he does. He’s innocent and kinda gullible, and just such a dork at heart. =)

partone: MUSIC. So far Junjin has released one single and one solo album. I wasn’t really a fan of his voice (I used to think he sounds like an old man =X), which was why I didn’t listen to his first solo album until recently, despite all the good reviews about it. In Shinhwa he mostly raps and not sing (but he does sing in the later albums), so I was kinda surprised to hear him singing ballads.

New Decade

I was surprised at how good the album is, really. Now I can really truly appreciate his voice. He worked really hard for this album.

Wa* (MV | LIVE 1 2 3)
아픈 사랑 (Pain of Love)* (audio)
한걸음 (One Step) (audio)
For You* (audio)
좋은 사람 (Good Person) (audio)
귀여워요 (You’re Cute) (audio)

사랑이 오지 않아요 (Love Won’t Come) (MV | LIVE 1 2 3 4)
Forever (with Linda) (MV)
It Could Be Love (MV feat. Junjin and Linda)


parttwo:PICTURES. Junjin is hot; he’s got a built body and manly face, plus a very intense (hot!) stare, but when he smiles it’s cute. He tends to look more serious, which is why he comes across as arrogant sometimes (I thought so too at first), but actually he’s not. A lot of people thought that he’s a player, but as far as I know, he takes his relationships seriously. Image may not equal to real personality, really.

Credits: Shinhwa Changjo, soompi, as tagged.


partthree: VIDEOS. Okay, admittedly I haven’t kept up with Junjin’s solo activities since like, forever. I haven’t watched so many Banjun Drama episodes, Nonstop 4, etc etc. I will watch them, one day. =X

Dancing (1 2 3 4 5) — Junjin is one of the best dancers in Shinhwa (with Minwoo); he’s famous for his “power dance”, which he does very well. I love his robot dance too, the way he moves freakishly like a robot. o.0

Dancing to Kangta’s My Life — This was at Dongwan’s radio show; the song was played and Junjin just started dancing out of nowhere. xD (Junjin knew Kangta since High School, Kangta actually recommended him into SM.)

Dangyunhaji vs Hwangbo — Hwangbo and Junjin are very good friends. This Dangyunhaji is funny as usual, but at the end it was revealed that the two met up earlier to practice what they would say, ROFL.

Xman couple selection dance — Junjin’s robot dance! At the back Hwangbo was screaming like a crazed fangirl, lol. I really like them as friends. (I wouldn’t mind if they were an item. xP)

Imitating flexible jointed boy — Junjin was so hilarious trying to imitate the boy. The members are so mean, forcing his legs to go over his head and stuff. xD

Star Golden Bell English segment cut — Not a lot of Junjin, but this is hilarious, rofl. The guests were supposed to let the girl guess the words using English; Sung Si Kyung is really good but the others are just so funny. Junjin’s word was “Eric”, and he said, “Yo! Hmm.. My member, Shinhwa’s member, Shinhwa’s leader.. one day he said “Negapasser”.” lmao. ♥

Infinity Challenge – Junjin’s house (1 2 3) — The MCs of IC went to Junjin’s house at 2.40 am in the morning, got Junjin to go out to buy food and put 100 alarm clocks all around his house set at 9 am. (Junjin was scheduled to appear in IC the next day.) Junjin looked confused (“I feel like I’m under attack” haha!) and reluctant to show his house (first time showing his house in 10 years) and keeps asking how come they were filming so late into the night. He totally had no clue that the other MCs were up to something, lol. They left once they finished hiding the alarm clocks. The next morning Junjin was woken up by the noise, the MCs then went in to give him his mission: find the 100 alarm clocks in 10 minutes. Junjin looked so confused, it’s cute. xD He found 92 out of 100, really impressive considering he just woke up and the weird places the clocks were hidden in. =]

Golden Fishery (1 2 3 4) — Junjin talked about his worry; that people don’t know the real him, how he’s actually a weak person but because of his image people assume that he’s strong. (Gosh, I know how much that sucks.) Then he talked about how he suffered from panic disorder 5/6 years ago, his goal, the accidents that happened on him (he’s the most accident-prone member -.-), how he was brought up (he cried talking about his grandmother D:), the members, his playboy image, HwangBo (JunBo friendship rocks!), etc. You can see another side of Junjin that is rarely seen here. I love how filial a son he is,  how real and mature he seems, plus of course his humour. I really enjoyed watching this; it’s highly recommended! =)


This pimp post is quite a stump since I’m so out of date with Junjin’s fandom. But well, this is the best I can do for now. Comments are loved! ^^

Big Bang – Haru Haru (Day by Day)

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Credit: wondersmurf @ youtube

Leave me

Finally I realise
That I’m nothing without you
I was so wrong, forgive me

My heart breaks like the waves
My heart wavers like the wind
My love disappears like smoke
Like a tattoo, it doesn’t erase
I can only sigh
In my heart, only dust builds up
Say goodbye

Without you I couldn’t live for even a day
It’s different from what I thought
I’m living okay alone
I call out that I miss you but you don’t answer
My false hopes are now useless

Who is that person next to you?
Does he make you cry?
Can you even see me?
Or have you already completely forgotten me?
When I worry I can’t go to you, I can’t even talk to you
I struggle through the long night alone
And erase everything a hundred times

Don’t look back and leave
Don’t look for me and live
Because I loved you, because I don’t regret
Just take only the happy memories
I can stand it okay
I can endure through it okay
Through this you have to be happy
Day by day it fades away

Oh girl
I cry, I cry
Yo my all
Say goodbye

While walking if you and I
We bump into each other
Pretend that you didn’t see me
And go where you were going
If past memories keep coming back then
I might go looking for you

You have to always be happy with that person
So that I don’t change my heart
So that there won’t even be the slightest bit of hope
Live well, as if I’m watching

You’re always blue like the sky
And white like the floating clouds
You have to always laugh like that
As if there is nothing wrong


I hope that by leaving me
You’ll be at peace
Forget me and live
Your tears will all be dry
When the days pass

If we hadn’t met
It wouldn’t hurt so much
The promise that we would be together forever
I want you to bury it in our memories, baby
I pray for you


Oh girl
I cry, I cry
Yo my all
Say goodbye, bye
Oh my love
Don’t lie, lie
Yo my heart
Say goodbye


The single from Big Bang’s new 3rd mini album, and my new favourite song of theirs. *___* I’ve been listening to it non-stop since the day I heard it; it’s in top 10 most played songs in my iPod, lol. It’s just so catchy (as usual), but there’s this sad feeling to the song. My favourite part is Daesung’s “nunmureun~” falsetto 3:17 into the song (according to the MV above); it’s only 1 second long but gosh it’s just so nice, I don’t even know, gosh. I really love his voice, by the way, and I think he sounds especially good in this song. I like all his parts. ♥ I like T.O.P’s part in the middle of the song too, he sings that part more roughly or something. And Taeyang’s “baby” 3:36 into the song. And the way Seungri sings his first part. Oh and and GD’s English phrases, so saddd. D: Ohwells, I just love the whole song. ♥♥♥

About the MV; it’s about a girl who ditches her boyfriend (GD) for his friend (T.O.P) ‘cos she has cancer and is dying, even though she loves him. Hey, maybe that’s the whole point; she loves him so she doesn’t want him to be sad because of her illness. It sounds kinda screwed up, but that’s what I’ll do if I were her, I think. haha. Anyway. I don’t like GD’s hair, but he totally redeemed himself with his acting; his sadness is expressed very clearly at the end. ♥ T.O.P is the best-looking member, imo; he looks good as always. xD The other members look good too, but they don’t get as much screen time, haha.

I still can’t really differentiate Seungri and Taeyang’s voices. (Well, technically GD’s too, but I’ll assume that he’s the voice rapping other than T.O.P.) It’s kinda weird talking about people I don’t know anything about. I’m sounding superficial, lol. Hmm. I don’t care. xP I’m gonna add a “Big Bang” tag, ‘cos I think I may be talking more about them in the future. =D

Oh and today happens to be GD’s birthday; happy birthday GD! 😀

SS501 080808 Music Bank – “Find” performance.

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Credit: quainte501 @ youtube

Their 2nd performance of the song; I personally prefer this one better as their voices sound more stable. Love the orchestra, Triple S’ chanting and singing along. The boys look and sound good. (I realised that I really do love Hyungjoon’s voice a lot, gosh.) Youngsaeng’s hair is getting a tad too long, but heck, he owned the stage. ♥

I’ve been away because of some irritating eye infection (long story -.-), so a random little picspam to celebrate my recovery! xD

RICSUNG. They love each other, Hyesung is just too shy to admit it. xP

Yes, Hyesung belongs to Eric. xD

DBSK A WEEK HOLIDAY. (or is it It’s Stylish or whatever?) I like Bonjour Paris better than this photobook, but heck, Changmin looks so good here. *___*


DOUBLE HJ. Probably my favourite pairing in SS501. Or is it Minjoon? Erm. IDEK. xD

Credits: soompi+Shinhwa Changjo+Quainte+as tagged.S

That’s it for now. ^^

Birthday Post: Kim Hyung Joon.

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Happy 21st, Hyungjoon! ^^ Stay healthy and happy! =)

My favourite member in SS501. ♥ Me liking him more than the rest probably has something to do with his smile; he’s just so ADORABLE, guh. Seriously, I’ve never seen him not looking cute, and that has nothing to do with me being biased. xD

I am still new to SS501, so I’m really not qualified to write a pimp post on any of the members, even if it’s my favourite member. =( I’ll do one next year or something, when I’m qualified enough. xP

Singing Neyo’s So Sick — His English sounds good and he sang the song really well. I love his voice; actually it’s my favourite voice in the band (but technically, my favourite singer is Youngsaeng). Like I said here, I used to think that it sounds nasally, but now I really do love it. =D

Mission cut from Mnet School of Rock — His mission was to do sexy dance while being a parking assistant; at first he was more reserved but after a while seemed to enjoy himself. It’s so funny how he started doing all the waves and stuff. xDD


Again, happy birthday, Hyungjoon! =)

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