Birthday Post: Kim Hyung Joon.

August 3, 2008 at 12:13 am | Posted in birthday post, SS501 | Leave a comment

Happy 21st, Hyungjoon! ^^ Stay healthy and happy! =)

My favourite member in SS501. ♥ Me liking him more than the rest probably has something to do with his smile; he’s just so ADORABLE, guh. Seriously, I’ve never seen him not looking cute, and that has nothing to do with me being biased. xD

I am still new to SS501, so I’m really not qualified to write a pimp post on any of the members, even if it’s my favourite member. =( I’ll do one next year or something, when I’m qualified enough. xP

Singing Neyo’s So Sick — His English sounds good and he sang the song really well. I love his voice; actually it’s my favourite voice in the band (but technically, my favourite singer is Youngsaeng). Like I said here, I used to think that it sounds nasally, but now I really do love it. =D

Mission cut from Mnet School of Rock — His mission was to do sexy dance while being a parking assistant; at first he was more reserved but after a while seemed to enjoy himself. It’s so funny how he started doing all the waves and stuff. xDD


Again, happy birthday, Hyungjoon! =)


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