SS501 080808 Music Bank – “Find” performance.

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Credit: quainte501 @ youtube

Their 2nd performance of the song; I personally prefer this one better as their voices sound more stable. Love the orchestra, Triple S’ chanting and singing along. The boys look and sound good. (I realised that I really do love Hyungjoon’s voice a lot, gosh.) Youngsaeng’s hair is getting a tad too long, but heck, he owned the stage. ♥

I’ve been away because of some irritating eye infection (long story -.-), so a random little picspam to celebrate my recovery! xD

RICSUNG. They love each other, Hyesung is just too shy to admit it. xP

Yes, Hyesung belongs to Eric. xD

DBSK A WEEK HOLIDAY. (or is it It’s Stylish or whatever?) I like Bonjour Paris better than this photobook, but heck, Changmin looks so good here. *___*


DOUBLE HJ. Probably my favourite pairing in SS501. Or is it Minjoon? Erm. IDEK. xD

Credits: soompi+Shinhwa Changjo+Quainte+as tagged.S

That’s it for now. ^^


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