Pimp Post: Junjin.

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Happy 28th, Park Choong Jae Jinnie! xP Please take good care of yourself; don’t make us fans worry about you all the time. Stay happy!

Junjin is not my favourite member in Shinhwa, but I really do like him too. He has gone through a lot to be where he is now and always works hard in everything he does. He’s innocent and kinda gullible, and just such a dork at heart. =)

partone: MUSIC. So far Junjin has released one single and one solo album. I wasn’t really a fan of his voice (I used to think he sounds like an old man =X), which was why I didn’t listen to his first solo album until recently, despite all the good reviews about it. In Shinhwa he mostly raps and not sing (but he does sing in the later albums), so I was kinda surprised to hear him singing ballads.

New Decade

I was surprised at how good the album is, really. Now I can really truly appreciate his voice. He worked really hard for this album.

Wa* (MV | LIVE 1 2 3)
아픈 사랑 (Pain of Love)* (audio)
한걸음 (One Step) (audio)
For You* (audio)
좋은 사람 (Good Person) (audio)
귀여워요 (You’re Cute) (audio)

사랑이 오지 않아요 (Love Won’t Come) (MV | LIVE 1 2 3 4)
Forever (with Linda) (MV)
It Could Be Love (MV feat. Junjin and Linda)


parttwo:PICTURES. Junjin is hot; he’s got a built body and manly face, plus a very intense (hot!) stare, but when he smiles it’s cute. He tends to look more serious, which is why he comes across as arrogant sometimes (I thought so too at first), but actually he’s not. A lot of people thought that he’s a player, but as far as I know, he takes his relationships seriously. Image may not equal to real personality, really.

Credits: Shinhwa Changjo, soompi, as tagged.


partthree: VIDEOS. Okay, admittedly I haven’t kept up with Junjin’s solo activities since like, forever. I haven’t watched so many Banjun Drama episodes, Nonstop 4, etc etc. I will watch them, one day. =X

Dancing (1 2 3 4 5) — Junjin is one of the best dancers in Shinhwa (with Minwoo); he’s famous for his “power dance”, which he does very well. I love his robot dance too, the way he moves freakishly like a robot. o.0

Dancing to Kangta’s My Life — This was at Dongwan’s radio show; the song was played and Junjin just started dancing out of nowhere. xD (Junjin knew Kangta since High School, Kangta actually recommended him into SM.)

Dangyunhaji vs Hwangbo — Hwangbo and Junjin are very good friends. This Dangyunhaji is funny as usual, but at the end it was revealed that the two met up earlier to practice what they would say, ROFL.

Xman couple selection dance — Junjin’s robot dance! At the back Hwangbo was screaming like a crazed fangirl, lol. I really like them as friends. (I wouldn’t mind if they were an item. xP)

Imitating flexible jointed boy — Junjin was so hilarious trying to imitate the boy. The members are so mean, forcing his legs to go over his head and stuff. xD

Star Golden Bell English segment cut — Not a lot of Junjin, but this is hilarious, rofl. The guests were supposed to let the girl guess the words using English; Sung Si Kyung is really good but the others are just so funny. Junjin’s word was “Eric”, and he said, “Yo! Hmm.. My member, Shinhwa’s member, Shinhwa’s leader.. one day he said “Negapasser”.” lmao. ♥

Infinity Challenge – Junjin’s house (1 2 3) — The MCs of IC went to Junjin’s house at 2.40 am in the morning, got Junjin to go out to buy food and put 100 alarm clocks all around his house set at 9 am. (Junjin was scheduled to appear in IC the next day.) Junjin looked confused (“I feel like I’m under attack” haha!) and reluctant to show his house (first time showing his house in 10 years) and keeps asking how come they were filming so late into the night. He totally had no clue that the other MCs were up to something, lol. They left once they finished hiding the alarm clocks. The next morning Junjin was woken up by the noise, the MCs then went in to give him his mission: find the 100 alarm clocks in 10 minutes. Junjin looked so confused, it’s cute. xD He found 92 out of 100, really impressive considering he just woke up and the weird places the clocks were hidden in. =]

Golden Fishery (1 2 3 4) — Junjin talked about his worry; that people don’t know the real him, how he’s actually a weak person but because of his image people assume that he’s strong. (Gosh, I know how much that sucks.) Then he talked about how he suffered from panic disorder 5/6 years ago, his goal, the accidents that happened on him (he’s the most accident-prone member -.-), how he was brought up (he cried talking about his grandmother D:), the members, his playboy image, HwangBo (JunBo friendship rocks!), etc. You can see another side of Junjin that is rarely seen here. I love how filial a son he is,  how real and mature he seems, plus of course his humour. I really enjoyed watching this; it’s highly recommended! =)


This pimp post is quite a stump since I’m so out of date with Junjin’s fandom. But well, this is the best I can do for now. Comments are loved! ^^


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