080816 U-Kiss’ Showcase – SS501’s HyungJoon Visits

August 22, 2008 at 8:44 pm | Posted in SS501 | Leave a comment

^Hyungjoon coming to U-Kiss’ showcase in Japan; his younger brother Kibum (not Suju’s Kibum! xD) is in it. (He used to be in the boyband Xing.) Hyungjoon is the maknae of SS501 so we’ve never really seen him behaving like an older brother like in this video; he was all big-brotherly, hugging and touching Kibum’s face a lot. (There must be some SS501 fangirls in the audience; the screamings got louder when Hyungjoon touched Kibum’s face. xD) He seems like such a nice, friendly sunbae to the other members too. He’s really just too cute for words, seriously. That SMILE of his, omigosh. ♥♥♥ He was wearing a casual tee and black sunglasses; I like how he looked, from his hair to his get-up. ^^ (Even though I’d like to see his smiling eyes too. xP) Guh, I didn’t realise I’ve turned into such a fangirl. =X

Anyway, the members of U-Kiss seem really really young, and Kibum (he’s born in 1990) looks like his older brother. They’ve got the same fair skin! (So unfairrr.) Even the way they cry looks similar, lol! I wish them all the best. =)

And Hyungjoon, be happy always! ‘Cos really, your smile brings happiness to me a lot of people. ♥


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