Birthday Post: Yesung.

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Happy 24th, Kim Jong Woon Yesung! Stay happy and take care of yourself! ^^

Yesung is one of my (six) favourite members in Super Junior, purely on account of his voice. (Other than that, I really have no right to say anything about him since I really don’t know enough about any Suju members, which is why this is not a pimp post. =X) Seriously, how can anyone not fall for that sexy voice of his? xD I said before that Yesung can’t really hit the high notes, but now he’s improved a lot and yes, he can hit those notes. Which makes him one of the best singers out there, really, since his voice + technique = gfhlslkMAGIC. =)

PICTURES. Very surprisingly, I have the most solo pictures of him out of all Suju members, even though some of the other members are better-looking. (Well.. to be honest he’s the only member that I looked for pictures of, so the comparison is not exactly fair. xP) Maybe that has something to do with him being such a cam-whore, but anyway, I think he’s cute; he makes a lot of hilarious expressions and his smile is adorable. He’s got chubby cheeks too. Can you believe that he’s 24? ‘Cos I think he looks way younger. And good singers always look hot when singing. What. xDDD

I got carried away so it became quite a picspam. xP So here’s a ZIP! ^^

Credits: soompi


VIDEOS. Yesung is really underrated, imo.  But he’s actually really cute and just deserves more love than he’s getting, and I’m glad that he’s getting more attention these days. He needs to have more confidence in himself too. Yesung hwaiting! ♥
Miracle for You singing cuts: If you haven’t heard Yesung singing before, seriously you should check these videos out; his husky voice is enough to make me melt. And he always sings with so much emotions, guh. Why can’t I listen to Korea radio here? A DJ with a voice like Yesung’s is TO-DIE-FOR; I wouldn’t need an mp3 player. (Well, I’d still need one, but that’s beside the point.)
내 눈물 모아
해줄 수 없는 일
I Do
Free to Fly
singing cut

Cute clips: Yesung is cute, he just doesn’t know it. =)
Lip-synching to Miracle — Singing and dancing to the song.

Miracle for You with Kyuhyun cute cuts — Watch out for his many adorable expressions in the beginning, Kyuhyun imitating Ryeowook’s voice (and Yesung’s voice cracking when he tried xP) and being all smiley throughout. Yesung seems like such a good hyung. I like his hair like that. And doesn’t he look as young as Kyuhyun? ^^

Miracle For You Drama Intro Crazy Cut — Intro for the drama him and Kyuhyun did on the show. Yesung was waving like a kid, lol he’s cute.

Every1 Idol Ep. 6 – Yesung Ending Cut — He was trying to break a picture of his hilarious expression when singing; biting and bending it, looking positively crazy, lol. ♥

Birthday celebration at Sukira — Leeteuk and Eunhyuk sang the birthday song for him; he was so high and made the “woo woo woo!” sounds during the song, and immediately blew the candles (on the very big cake) after. Then Eunhyuk asked him to do a kiss for the fans, I think, so he did and it sounds sexy, hahaha.

Laughing on Miracle for You (with Ryeowook) — A short compilation of him laughing on the show. His laughter is so cute and so infectious, lol. And the funny thing is that Ryeowook wasn’t even laughing and Yesung was lmao-ing on his own, rofl. He looked crazy again. ♥

Imitating Kangin, Siwon and Donghae — His imitation of Kangin’s smile is spot-on!

Yesung kissing Eunhyuk — As what the title says. Dangerous Yesung. xDD

Eating pepper and wasabi — He said that he couldn’t taste anything so the guy next to him gave him pepper and sausage with wasabi to eat. Poor him tried to keep a straight face, but in the end after the wasabi he couldn’t help pinching his nose. It’s cute but I feel sorry for him; I still remember the EHB episode where he had to eat the spicy pepper. D:

Imitating his vocal teacher’s expression — This was during EHB; he talked about how his vocal teacher’s expression was very funny when he sang Brian McKnight’s Home, but he couldn’t laugh ‘cos the teacher is a scary, strict one. Yesung’s expression is oh-so-hilarious. xD

Misc singing cuts: Because I can listen to his voice all day, and seriously, no matter what I’m gonna nag at you until give his singing a listen. xP
Performing A Cut Deeper than Love with Dana — The high notes sound kinda strained at some parts (but he’s improved a lot now ^^), but it was a good performance. Dana is a very good singer! The rehearsal is funny, though; he kept messing up and Dana was pissed, lol. xP

20051213 Performing Saranghargge — A really good performance; that falsetto in the middle! 8D He looks really good here too.

• Every 1 Idol Show serenade cuts (1 2) — How wonderful it must be to have Yesung singing while being all smiley AND presenting a flower for you. 😀 (I think I’ll need to watch this show..)

160608 Kiss The Radio — He was having some trouble with the mic; he couldn’t hear anything from the earphone (he was so cute when he was trying to fix it, lol) so the performance was ended early, I think. But he still sounds awesome as usual. ^^


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