240808 Hyesung’s Comeback at Inkigayo.

August 25, 2008 at 12:52 am | Posted in music, performances, Shinhwa | Leave a comment

Credits to sogoodla @ youtube.

He performed Because of You and Awaken, the two rock songs and also two of my favourite tracks off the album. (I still can’t decide; too many good songs!) There was the live band playing with him (the rock band N.E.X.T, which plays the instruments for the song), and the energy and vocals are all good. The performance is nothing short of awesome; he sang both songs almost perfectly (I say almost ‘cos I’m always objective, never biased and kinda picky in terms of quality of music), which equals to a really really good performance. I just thought that he should have been more “high” and interact more with the band members, especially the guitarist who came to the front for his guitar solo. (Or is it supposed to be an “emo” song and he isn’t supposed to do that?) But well, this is his first performance and hence he was probably nervous, since it’s a new genre for him and all. Hyesung hwaiting! ^^ (I’m SO stalking his upcoming performances. *whistles*)

Something other than the music – Hyesung cut his hair! I was actually thinking how he’d pull off the rock look with the long hair of his (in his 2nd album) that made him look so pretty (I know I’d probably get bricked by Hyesung for saying this xDD), so I wasn’t really surprised to see him sporting this new hairdo. I think I’m more used to the pretty Hyesung, but he looks okay; the image suits the songs and it looks quite cool. And I think those arms must be the result of his work-out, eh? 8D

Oh and another thing, Junjin was there too, 4:04 into the video, waving an orange balloon. xDDD


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