Shin Hyesung 3rd album Side 1 – Live and Let Live.

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Firstly, whoever came up with the title “Live And Let Live” is a genius. It means “You live your life while I live mine” and “Just let me be, I’ll do things the way I want to”, which conveys the message of Hyesung will do the music he wants to, not just the music everyone is used to see him doing. Short but impactful.








Secondly, the stylist and photographer of the album are awesome. Just look at the album cover! Somehow I think it’s really beautifully shot; the angle and the whole atmosphere of it. Hyesung’s looking hot with the hair, the unbuttoned shirt, the pose and the expression. And is that a bellybutton I see? I know I sound like a pervie, but really, Hyesung has never bared skin for any of his albums before (except for Shinhwa’s 4th album, where everyone went nude, so that’s not counted), so this is something! lol. xD (The album booklet is filled with really nice pictures too! ^^)

Thirdly, and the best part, is of course the music. I’m very glad to see Hyesung challenging new genres that he’s never done before, and doing it well. Really, I’ve never doubted that he can pull it off. *beams* Hyesung himself said not to lower our standards just because it’s a new territory for him, and obviously, being an avid music fan more than any artist, I didn’t.

I really love this whole album; every track is unique and the (background) music itself is good, not just Hyesung’s wonderful vocals. There are actually only 8 full songs in this album (not counting the instrumentals), but I’m okay with it since the songs are good and even the instrumentals are good. Quality matters more than quantity! I don’t have a favourite song (yet), anyway, but I do have I think 4 of them?

1. Live and Let Live
[Composed by Vink / Arranged by Jung Gu Hyun]
A 2-minute introduction to the album. I think the beats sorta builds up the atmosphere for the album.

2. Awaken
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog]
This song is described as a mix of alt-rock and emo-rock; it’s very catchy and Hyesung’s powerful voice just completes the whole song. Hyesung’s image is never associated with rock, but this song just totally convinces me that Hyesung can be a Ballad Prince, a rocker, a.. whatever he wants to be at the same time. I especially love the way he sings the first part of the song softer, and the second half more powerfully. The music itself is amazing, but more to that later.

3. 그대라서 (Because of You)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Yoon Sara]
The title track of the album; it’s described as Britrock. I love how this song starts out; the piano (or is it keyboard?) starts and then Hyesung’s voice comes, and then the guitar and everything else comes in. I love how this song seems to have a tinge of sadness to it; it must be Hyesung’s way of singing it. Heavenly voice. *sigh* I love the quiet atmosphere in the beginning of the song, how the song builds up in the middle and goes quiet again at the end with the piano. Gosh, I just love this song. *___*

4. 사랑하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day to Love) (Duet with Honey Lee)
[Composed & Arranged by Ha Jung Ho / Lyrics by Ha Jung Ho]
A retro-funk song (not that I know what that means xP); it’s quite a mellow song other than the chorus and is rather catchy. “Baby I love you~~.” Honey Lee is Miss Korea, by the way, and while she doesn’t sound especially powerful or anything, her voice is quite sweet and the duet parts sound nice. (I really think that Hyesung’s voice blends well with any females’. Strange, huh?)

5. Urban Fever (Feat. Showgun)
[Composed & Arranged by SoulShop / Lyrics by Wheesung]
The beats (retro-funk again, apparently xP) make this song sound like one to be played in a club, except that the tempo isn’t that fast, lol. The song is “a combination of retro-funk beats and electronica”, which refers to the occasional editting of Hyesung’s voice (as in those kinda voice change to a computerised sound, you know?), I think.

6. Waltz
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
A one-minute instrumental; as the title says, it’s waltz! The waltz beat is cute and there’s the piano playing as well. Makes me think of a couple dancing. xD

7. Love Actually (Feat. Vink)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog]
I like the beat of the song; it’s quite fast and the song sounds happy and cute. ^^

8. Peter Pan’s Serenade
[Composed & Arranged by Song Kwang Shik / Lyrics by Song Kwang Shik]
I think this song is really interesting; a lot of different instruments are used for the music (brass and strings, etc). I’m not a big fan of jazz, especially this type of jazz with the trumpet sounds and stuff, as I think it sounds a bit corny, but heck, Hyesung sounds really good, especially when pulling those higher notes. “onjehna I love you~~” I don’t know how to spell the Korean, but whatever. xD

9. Promise (Duet. Yurisangja’s Park Seung Hwa)
[Composed by Park Seung Hwa / Arranged & Lyrics by Jung Hoon]
A very sweet song! Park Seung Hwa’s softer and higher voice is contrasting to Hyesung’s solid voice, and the two guys’ voices blend well. I think the accoustic guitar part in the middle sounds really sweet as well.

10. 후유증 (Sequelae)
[Composed & Arranged by Kim Jae Suk(Wanted) / Lyrics by Choi Shin Won]
A beautiful R&B song, and the only one in this album. Somewhat closer to Hyesung’s usual type of songs. It’s nothing short of amazing, really. I love how much control he has over his voice, how his voice blends with the music but yet stands out from the background. Gosh I just love his voice. (It’s (one of two) my favourite voice in the whole KPop, what more can I say?)

Sidetrack – Kim Jae Suk is the one who wrote Shinhwa’s Just One More Time, which is my favourite song ever, omg. I really love his voice too; I only heard him sing in one song which is a duet with Dongwan (I really love that song too!). I think I’m gonna check this guy out sometime.

11. Awaken (Inst.)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
I don’t usually keep any instrumentals in my music library, but seriously, I love this song. The loud drums intro alone sounds promising, and throughout the song, there is the addictive drum beats and in the chorus, the electric guitar (3:01-3:33!). There’s even scratching at the bridge! The whole song makes me wish I can play drums. xD

12. 그대라서 (Because of You) (Inst.)
[Composed & Arranged by Vink]
Vink, I don’t know who you are, but just for composing 4 songs in this album, you rock! ♥ I love this instrumental song too; there’s the piano, soft drum beats and electric guitar. My favourite part is where the electric guitar gets louder 2:28-2:46 into the song; somehow it just sounds so so so nice, homg. *___*

Fourthly, and probably the most obvious one, I LOVE YOU HYESUNG! Seriously. It must take a lot of courage step out of a 10-year-old comfort zone that is well established and approved of. According to Hyesung, this Side 1 is the album that he wants to do; a wide variety of genres to broaden his musical boundaries. Hyesung, your music knows no boundaries, remember that! ♥ I like all the new genres he’s trying out, but I especially love the rock. I’m all for the rock. xD

Side 2 of the album will consist of ballads – the return of the Ballad Prince! I think a lot of fans are more used to Hyesung doing ballads, so he definitely won’t abandon his home ground. (^^,) It’ll be released around December, I think. At that time I’ll probably hate you for burning a hole in my pocket, but really, I love you, Hyesung. ♥♥♥ Do include rock in your future albums, please! An album with ballads and rock will make my life complete. 😀 (What? It’s just an expression. xD)


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