more Hyesung’s comeback performances!

August 31, 2008 at 4:23 pm | Posted in performances, Shinhwa | Leave a comment

More of Hyesung’s comeback performances (that I promised I’d stalk, lol). His voice is just PERFECTION; every performance is vocally awesome. So instead of repeating that 4976523 times, I’ll just comment on other stuff. Oh, and his hair is nice. =)


Because of You

Credits to furara @ youtube

The stage looks gorgeous and I love what he’s wearing. I like how he hung his head after the performance, plus the wind blowing, it looks cool, somehow. xP


Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

I love how many instruments are on the stage; violins, cellos, guitars, drums, a DJ (he’s very far away from the stage, but still xD) and a keyboard. I’m loving Hyesung’s rocker attitude too. But I laughed a little at the way he was moving at around 2:25 when the two guitarists came up on either side of him and did their solos; he moved a little but still so restrained, lmao. I think if it was me I’d have, I dunno, imitated the guitar strumming and bobbed my head up and down? lol. xDD

Because of You

Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

I didn’t know that this song also requires the violins and cellos since it has never been performed with them, lol. Love his outfit, again. (He just looks good, heck. xDD)

When is Because of You MV gonna be released? I can’t wait. And the translations of the lyrics of the songs too; I need those like, YESTERDAY. D:

Younha’s album was released 2 days ago in Korea; so far it sounds very good but I’ll have to listen to it more. =)


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