Hyesung’s Because of You MV!

September 2, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Shinhwa | Leave a comment

Credit: pobao4 @ youtube

It starts off with Hyesung (still with his long hair) in a black suit driving a black convertible, then in the first chorus he stopped the car, put a photo and something on the car and after the chorus, transformed into the punk Hyesung with the short hair. I was pleasantly surprised ‘cos really, he looks hot with the hair and that attire. *___* (I think it’s the sleeveless vest and the arms, or maybe it’s the wind blowing on the scarf (I don’t know what it is), or.. I have no idea, lol.)

Next he started walking, carrying a bag, and suddenly there’s this piano with polaroids stuck all over it; Hyesung picked up one of them, stared at it and suddenly, smiled. (It’s at 1:44; DID YOU SEE IT?! I had to rewatch that smiling part in the midst of all the emo atmosphere ‘cos homg; PRETTY! aflshglakas.) He then put the photo and another one of that something (that he put on his car) on the piano.

He continued walking and we see a drum set, a mic and an electric guitar. Then he started singing and strumming the guitar (even though it’s just air-strumming at least it doesn’t look fake); I think it’s the sunset that makes the scene look gorgeous, especially the guitar solo part. Then at the English part, there’s this girl who appearead and Hyesung stared at her (2:54; I’ve always thought that Hyesung has the best killer stare among the members ♥) and suddenly turned crazy; smashing his guitar and things started blowing up, from his convertible to the piano to the drum set. Meanwhile we see the girl turning away and gradually left. The ending is Hyesung screaming, kneeling on the ground.

I didn’t get the MV the first time I watched it (I think I was too busy oggling at Hyesung, lol), but I watched it again and I think I get it. The photos are photos of him and that girl, the thing he put on the car and piano is the bomb, the girl is just in Hyesung’s memory and him blowing up the stuff with the pictures, plus her leaving, symbolise the end of their relationship. Or at least, I think so. xP

LOL that’s just a 4-minute MV. xDD I love this song! ♥♥♥


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