080910 Dongwan + Younha – Something Stupid perf.

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Credit: 2ubD @ youtube



LOL sorry; I just didn’t expect Younha, my #1 favourite female artist to be performing with one of my favourite Korean singers. xDD

The performance is great, their voices match and both performed very well. The harmonization is really nice! Younha’s English is better than Dongwan’s, but overall the English is decent. =)

They are even wearing MATCHING CLOTHES!

*end of fangirling*


For this episode, first Younha performed Telepathy; it’s vocally great as usual. I really like how she always performs this song so energetically, with the piano and all =). After that here‘s Dongwan’s cut: first there was the interview with Younha; she talked about how she used to listen to a radio show he DJ-ed in and he once picked her letter to read. And then he talked about his upcoming solo concert, how he was envious of Younha being able to have a solo career at such a young age (she was so CUTE at 2:06-2:08!) , and praised her piano-playing skills. (I don’t understand Korean for nuts, but I read the articles and see Dongwan’s body language xD.) Next is the Something Stupid performance (which I already spazzed about xP), and Dongwan’s A Man’s Love performance. It was fine, but he sounded tired. Please don’t overwork yourself, Dongwan!


I love how they were looking at each other while singing the song. Younha is so PRETTY, gosh girlcrushhh! Dongwan is looking good as always too. If their age aren’t 9 years apart, I’d want them to get together. I think the age gap is fine but it’s kinda impossible? *gets bricked* I should stop dreaming! xP

^the next line of the song is “that I love you” xDD. Okay I should shut up.

Oh and she’s gonna be a guest performer in his upcoming concert too! ^^


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