Hyesung going crazy in his car.

September 12, 2008 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Shinhwa | 2 Comments

Credit: Fallingfruit @ youtube

Remember that^ video where Hyesung was in his car, singing and dancing along to Minwoo’s songs? It’s one of my favourite Hyesung videos, actually, ‘cos it cracked me up REAL BAD. It’s one of the rare times where we get to see the crazy Hyesung xPP.

So, after 3 years, on the same date (9/11), he did it again. but this time, it’s to his 3rd album ^^.

Credit: 80sLN @ youtube

I think my favourite part is the one where he lip-synched to Urban Fever; where at the beginning he did the peace sign and then imitated the driving car action (1:26), and when he started dancing with the Shinchan doll and suddenly threw it to the front of the car with a loud *thud* lmao. Or when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the song and looked at the camera seriously but then couldn’t contain his laughter and laughed (2:27; he looked a little crazy rofl ♥). Lots of other actions like playing with the mirror, imitating the actions of playing drums and guitar, and singing to the Shinchan doll. Hyesung is still Hyesung, lol. Poor driver xDD.



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  1. HAHAHAHAH I watched this the other day. I was cracking up the whole time. Hes such a WEIRDO in such a DORKY way!!! <3333

    I loved the one of him 3 years ago. I’m pretty sure he was drunk out of his mind. LOL And I loved it when he kept flipping the mirror thing to have “lighting effects” ROFL

  2. The one 3 years ago is seriously THE CRACK, lmao xDD. Yeah, I also think he was drunk, lol. He always does that “lighting effects”! I love how he stopped in the middle and said, “What did I do? It’s not me, it’s Jin!” but then continued with his crazy actions. And I love how he seemed to enjoy listening to Minwoo’s album a lot. 😀

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