Younha – 기억 (Memory) (feat. Tablo)

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My eyes my ears
My hands my feet
My lips my heart
My soul remembers you

Even when he cracks a smile
In my eyes, you, you’re smiling
Even when I hold hands with him
My hands feel your hands, only yours

My mind erased you
My heart emptied itself of you
I was sure I erased you
But I still can’t

Now, even if time tries to erase you
And I try to empty my mind of you
My body still, my body still remembers you
(I remember still, with you)
Even if I put away the pictures in which we were smiling
And I try to empty my heart of you
My body still remembers you

The memories which become clearer the more I try to erase them
The memories which come to me like excuses the more I try to hate them
They’re living inside me
About when will I close my eyes in the darkness
Anyway when I walk forward, you’re there
Even when I turn back, you’re there

Even when I’m in his arms
My body feels you, only you
Even when I’m walking with him
My feet are with you, they are rooted beside you


In my eyes, I only see you
Tears for you still gather
My two hands feel only you
As if handcuffed, I’m bound to the memories of you
Even passing strangers give off memories of you
I’m still going crazy ’bout you, because
My body still remembers you

It still remembers you
Even after erasing you away
(deleting you)
My everything remembers you

Credits: yonnieyonnie and bborigun @ youtube

I actually combined the translations from the two users. Will edit when I find one version that I feel is the best. Don’t the lyrics scream “TABLO”?

Click HERE to download the song and here for a LIVE performance.

Younha’s album is so freakin’ amazing, man. So many good songs, I can’t pick one favourite. The song of the moment is Memory (it changes everyday), which features Tablo in rapping and is also composed+written by him. This explains why the song has this Epik High feel to it; it’s kinda quiet and one can’t possibly sing this song well without the right emotions. In fact, I feel that in the LIVE performances the atmosphere is always so heavy, that I’d forget to breathe for a moment. The pitch is very high too, which makes it very difficult to sing. But Younha pulled it off flawlessly. Tablo’s rapping is great as always, too. Both are them are so talented; gosh I just love them. *___*


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