080912 Hyesung – Because of You at Music Bank.

September 13, 2008 at 2:52 pm | Posted in performances, Shinhwa | 2 Comments

Credit: furara @ youtube

I’ve been checking Youtube every day for any new Hyesung’s performances, and finally this^ appeared today, after 6 long days without new Because of You performances. (LOL I sound obsessive.) As usual, he looks great and the performance is good, even though I thought that a few notes (two, actually) sound a bit off. (EDIT: they’re not off, Hyesung just sang those notes in a different way, lol xP.)

Anyway, has anyone seen Dongwan’s concert goods and Minwoo’s fall goods? I SO want that M ring and D flower necklace. (I’ve wanted Yunho’s triple cross earrings for the longest time too!) Oh and Dongwan’s Sunflower pullover (I don’t know why they call it a tee; the picture is a pullover). But they’re all OH-SO-EXPENSIVE; moneyyy! T.T



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  1. OMG I’ve seen Dongwan’s concert goods. I WANT EVERYTHING!! That Sunflower Pullover is soooo adorable. Except why does the face look so angry? HAHA But most of all, I want a concert dvd!

    Btw havent been here in ages XD

  2. ^Hi there! xD

    I want everything too!! But the ones that I want most are the necklace, the pullover and M’s ring. Dongwan designed 2 versions of the sunflower; the angry and the smiley face. I don’t know whether both designs are used for the pullover though. All of them are so expensive. ;___;

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