Minwoo – 남자를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Men)

September 25, 2008 at 3:50 pm | Posted in Shinhwa | Leave a comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credits to the dearest carmendove for subbing the video ♥.

The first single off Minwoo’s album. Before I watched the MV, I already liked this song a lot. It’s catchy and has got a nice electronic beat. I like the English verses part that Minwoo sang too; surprisingly the English is decent. Big Tone is featured in this song, and I think his rapping matches well with the whole atmosphere of the song. If you find that it sounds similar, that’s maybe because it’s produced by Brave Brothers, who produced for Big Bang and Taeyang. It’s a new genre for Minwoo, and I think he’s rocking it ^^.

Moving on to the MV. I think this MV is very well-shot; the lightning and everything looks good. Firstly, that car he was driving looks nice. Secondly, I like how we get a glimpse of how he works, from the recording to the dance practice with the dancers. And seriously, MR HOTTIE IS BACK, GIRLS. He looks sooo hot every second of the MV; if he were to release a book titled “How to be hot” or something, I’d totally buy it if I were a guy xDD. Guys should learn from him; he doesn’t need any special clothes or anything to look hot, ‘cos he’s just naturally charming. (If you get what I’m driving at, haha xP.) I especially like the scene where he was dancing and he pulled the beanie slightly over his eyes at 1:41 (and the wife beater!); so sexy *__*. Well, basically the dancing scenes are just awesome; very smooth. And hey, it’s Minwoo dancing 8D! I can’t wait to see a LIVE performance of this song :D.

The lyrics are telling the girl not to love such a selfish and bad guy like him, while the MV kinda explains that he puts his music and career first. It’s not written by Minwoo, but I can’t help but wonder if the lyrics of the song truly reflect his own feelings. ‘Cos well, I understand that he loves his music and I had expected that career would always be first for him, and that’s totally fine, but the lyrics.. I don’t know what to think of them. “I don’t want to marry you but I do want to date you”, “you’re too good to give away but you’re someone I don’t wanna keep.” Are those words only because his music is above everything else to him? Can I say what I wanna say? Heck, I’d say it anyway. Jerk. There, I said it. But at the very least, he did admit that he’s a bad guy (and a player) and asked the girl not to forgive him. I don’t wanna assume that that’s how he is in real life (but I can’t think of why he’d agree to sing such lyrics if he is completely not like that), so I’ll just not take the lyrics too seriously.

But still, I love this song =). I hope his album will do well. Minwoo hwaiting ♥!

This new album is very different from his previous works; I’ll review it properly another day ^^.


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