Comeback performances.

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I really suck at keeping up with fandoms; I have like 100 pages (and counting) of DBSK Soompi thread to backtrack (D:) and I haven’t even listened to their album yet (well, once, but it’s not counted). But I’m feeling thankful that I don’t have the habit of backtracking Shinhwa’s (and any of the members’) Soompi thread; I just have to go to ♥.

Minwoo: he looks so FLY in all the performances :D.

(credits to crystalis)

250908 on M! Countdown — First he performed I “M” U. What the heck is that baggy outfit and cute dance steps; SO ADORABLE lmao. (The fans screamed so much because of the cuteness overload, haha!) Can you believe he’s 30? He sure doesn’t look it xD . The singing sounds breathless at some parts, but it’s still okay. Next he performed Don’t Trust Men. I LOVE the choreography and Minwoo’s dancing is so HOT, period *__*. Isn’t it amazing how he totally transformed from being cute/squishy/adorable to hot/sexy? I don’t know why the beanie part is there instead of where it is shown in the MV, but whatever, it still looks sexy lol. I think the chorus parts are lip-synched, though (not that I mind). And he looks tired, somehow. (EDIT: According to crystalis, Don’t Trust Men was performed twice or thrice because of some in-ear and mic problems. And the stage was really hot because everyone was sweating and Big tone had to strip down to his t-shirt too.) Is he overworking himself again? Minwoo hwaiting ♥!

080926 on Music Bank — Performing Don’t Trust Men, but a shorter version. No dance intro this time, but we see Minwoo walking with his cool shades xD. I think he sang over a backing track in the chorus, but almost all of it is LIVE. Big Tone’s rap part after the first chorus is removed though, and I think there was a slight mic glitch around 3:10.

080927 on Music Core — This looks more like a comeback stage than the earlier two, with the pictures and all. But I don’t like the lightning, it’s kinda too dull. Minwoo performed Don’t Trust Men again! His singing gets better with each performance =).


080928 on Inkigayo (credits to mickytoho)

Love in the Ice — I’m more used to the Japanese version, but I think the Korean is just as good. I think Jaejoong (or all of them?) has a flu, but they still pulled off the song very well ♥. (EDIT: It turns out that all of them had the flu.) I like how Yunho’s voice can be heard more clearly now during the harmonizations, which obviously are awesome (HOSU! I’m ecstatic that they’re gonna go on Family Outing together, anyway. OTP FTW!). Yoochun’s clothes look questionable, though xDD.

Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down) — It’s lip-synched, but who cares? The boys are hot in their white wifebeaters, especially Yunho and Junsu (I might just be biased about that xD). Love Yunho’s dance solo in the beginning, and his fierce expression throughout.

Mirotic — It’s LIVE, but the vocals are so good that you can’t really tell whether it’s lip-synched or not ♥♥♥. All the boys look hot, but I’m glad Jaejoong finally found his buttons LOL. Yunho lost his halfway through the performance though -.-. Love 2U’s rapping part. And Changmin’s YEAHHHH part; so perfect homg.


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