Hyesung going crazy in his car.

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Credit: Fallingfruit @ youtube

Remember that^ video where Hyesung was in his car, singing and dancing along to Minwoo’s songs? It’s one of my favourite Hyesung videos, actually, ‘cos it cracked me up REAL BAD. It’s one of the rare times where we get to see the crazy Hyesung xPP.

So, after 3 years, on the same date (9/11), he did it again. but this time, it’s to his 3rd album ^^.

Credit: 80sLN @ youtube

I think my favourite part is the one where he lip-synched to Urban Fever; where at the beginning he did the peace sign and then imitated the driving car action (1:26), and when he started dancing with the Shinchan doll and suddenly threw it to the front of the car with a loud *thud* lmao. Or when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the song and looked at the camera seriously but then couldn’t contain his laughter and laughed (2:27; he looked a little crazy rofl ♥). Lots of other actions like playing with the mirror, imitating the actions of playing drums and guitar, and singing to the Shinchan doll. Hyesung is still Hyesung, lol. Poor driver xDD.


080910 Dongwan + Younha – Something Stupid perf.

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Credit: 2ubD @ youtube



LOL sorry; I just didn’t expect Younha, my #1 favourite female artist to be performing with one of my favourite Korean singers. xDD

The performance is great, their voices match and both performed very well. The harmonization is really nice! Younha’s English is better than Dongwan’s, but overall the English is decent. =)

They are even wearing MATCHING CLOTHES!

*end of fangirling*


For this episode, first Younha performed Telepathy; it’s vocally great as usual. I really like how she always performs this song so energetically, with the piano and all =). After that here‘s Dongwan’s cut: first there was the interview with Younha; she talked about how she used to listen to a radio show he DJ-ed in and he once picked her letter to read. And then he talked about his upcoming solo concert, how he was envious of Younha being able to have a solo career at such a young age (she was so CUTE at 2:06-2:08!) , and praised her piano-playing skills. (I don’t understand Korean for nuts, but I read the articles and see Dongwan’s body language xD.) Next is the Something Stupid performance (which I already spazzed about xP), and Dongwan’s A Man’s Love performance. It was fine, but he sounded tired. Please don’t overwork yourself, Dongwan!


I love how they were looking at each other while singing the song. Younha is so PRETTY, gosh girlcrushhh! Dongwan is looking good as always too. If their age aren’t 9 years apart, I’d want them to get together. I think the age gap is fine but it’s kinda impossible? *gets bricked* I should stop dreaming! xP

^the next line of the song is “that I love you” xDD. Okay I should shut up.

Oh and she’s gonna be a guest performer in his upcoming concert too! ^^

0905 & 0906 Hyesung – Because of You perfs.

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Credits: wanyi79, 80sLN @ youtube

080905 at Music Bank

^With only the two guitarists and drummer.


080906 at MBS Everyone CMB

^Alone, for the first time. I think I prefer some instruments to be on the stage xP.


080906 at Music Core

^With the full orchestra. One of my favourite performances of this song, as every note is sung very nicely, especially the high notes. Gosh IDEK; every performance is so perfect that I can’t say which are my favourites *__*.


I’m sure that I have watched all the performances of this song so far. Not that I can’t help it; one of the first things I do when I go online is to go Shinhwa Changjo or Youtube to check whether there’s any new performance. I think my brain has short-circuited or something ‘cos I seem to be obsessed with this song; it’s scary how many times I listen to it in a day T.T.

I totally didn’t see this coming but.. after his new album, Hyesung is now one of my favourite members in Shinhwa, along with Dongwan and Minwoo. Guh, my favourites make up half of the group =X.

Seoulbeats Interview with Brian.

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Credit: seoulbeats @ youtube

Firstly, the interview is in English so yay for no subs needed! Brian seems totally relaxed; he’s just so down-to-earth and cool ♥.  And of course, his English is great, no accent whatsoever and hot *cough*. Good to see that living in Korea hasn’t affected his English =D.

Brian talked about his future plans; he said that FTTS’ new album is gonna be out around “late November”, which is so awesome. Brian may release his 2nd solo album next year, Hwanhee is working on his, and Brian may also act in a movie in the States. In 5 years he hopes to be acting and married with kids. All the best in everything, Brian (and Hwanhee)!

The whole interview is really enjoyable to watch, really. Brian is funny and the MC is really likeable too. I thought it was endearing how Brian answered that his favourite “-ism” word is “baptism”, without even thinking twice. Such a proud Christian =). (I’m not one, in case you’re wondering.)

Good job, Soulbeats! And please do interview Brian more in the future xDD.

080904 m!Countdown – Hyesung Because of You performance.

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Credit: wanyi79 @ youtube

^Don’t watch here but click on the link and watch in high quality to truly appreciate how gorgeous Hyesung the high quality video is.

I swear I don’t do nothing but listen to this song all day, even though my posts lately have all been about Hyesung and this song xP.

What can I say? Flawless performance. Well, technically it is flawless except for the last high note being just slightly pitchy, but I’m just being my perfectionist self xP. It’s just such a great performance; I think I’ve watched it more than 5 times and listened to just the audio more than 10 times =X. Hyesung, why are you so perfect? ♥


There’s news that Dongwan may enlist earlier than Eric T.T.

All the best, Ricwan! ♥♥♥

Hyesung’s Because of You MV!

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Credit: pobao4 @ youtube

It starts off with Hyesung (still with his long hair) in a black suit driving a black convertible, then in the first chorus he stopped the car, put a photo and something on the car and after the chorus, transformed into the punk Hyesung with the short hair. I was pleasantly surprised ‘cos really, he looks hot with the hair and that attire. *___* (I think it’s the sleeveless vest and the arms, or maybe it’s the wind blowing on the scarf (I don’t know what it is), or.. I have no idea, lol.)

Next he started walking, carrying a bag, and suddenly there’s this piano with polaroids stuck all over it; Hyesung picked up one of them, stared at it and suddenly, smiled. (It’s at 1:44; DID YOU SEE IT?! I had to rewatch that smiling part in the midst of all the emo atmosphere ‘cos homg; PRETTY! aflshglakas.) He then put the photo and another one of that something (that he put on his car) on the piano.

He continued walking and we see a drum set, a mic and an electric guitar. Then he started singing and strumming the guitar (even though it’s just air-strumming at least it doesn’t look fake); I think it’s the sunset that makes the scene look gorgeous, especially the guitar solo part. Then at the English part, there’s this girl who appearead and Hyesung stared at her (2:54; I’ve always thought that Hyesung has the best killer stare among the members ♥) and suddenly turned crazy; smashing his guitar and things started blowing up, from his convertible to the piano to the drum set. Meanwhile we see the girl turning away and gradually left. The ending is Hyesung screaming, kneeling on the ground.

I didn’t get the MV the first time I watched it (I think I was too busy oggling at Hyesung, lol), but I watched it again and I think I get it. The photos are photos of him and that girl, the thing he put on the car and piano is the bomb, the girl is just in Hyesung’s memory and him blowing up the stuff with the pictures, plus her leaving, symbolise the end of their relationship. Or at least, I think so. xP

LOL that’s just a 4-minute MV. xDD I love this song! ♥♥♥

080831 Younha Comeback on Inkigayo

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Credit: AoixAi @ youtube

Only 1+ minute long; how I wish she had performed the whole song! The beginning is kinda shaky, but other than that everything’s good. This is actually one of my favourite songs in the album; good to know that she’s gonna promote this song after Telepathy. ^^


Credit: dwarous2008 @ youtube

The piano playing and vocal are awesome as always. Love her attitude and how much she seems to enjoy herself on stage. I’d like to see her performing without the piano though, maybe she’d be jumping around the stage? =D As much as I totally loved her with long hair (Umbrella days, so pretty *__*), I like her new funky, tomboyish look; it suits the song well. And she looks pretty with the eyeliner! ^^


Okay I just visited Soompi and apparently today is Younha’s 4th anniversary (she released her 1st single on 010904; omg I so fail as a fan =X), so HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY, YOUNHA! May you have many more years of successful career ahead. =)

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