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SS501 2009 Calendar making.

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*dies from all the cute*

The boys are looking great :). Love the Youngsaeng/Kyujong (Youngsaeng is looking so pretty in this shoot *__*), Hyungjoon/Jungmin fighting (they are so childish, LMAO), Kyujong’s solo (he’s so adorable, eh?), Hyunjoong/Youngsaeng (they look kinda awkward together, haha xP), and the 5-members scenes.

Here‘s the Japanese one. Cute dorks xD.

Can I get this calendar? haha.

some Epik High performances.

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081017 @ Music Bank – 1 Minute 1 Second

Love the whole setting, how they recorded the whole performance twice and showed the black and white scenes for the verses *__*. The colours are pretty too, watch it in high quality!

201008 Mnet Madame B Salon- Fallin& 1 Minute 1 Second

I love Fallin’ a lot, especially Tablo’s furious rapping starting from 2:52. Taru was there for the second song; she sounds shaky at some parts, maybe because it’s her first time performing this song. I really really like Mithra’s low voice in the background during Tablo’s singing verse.

Jay’s album ranking.

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^print-screened from kkbox. It’s one day after Jay’s album release and all 11 songs are in the top 20 (8 are in the top 10), with the album #1. And I found it so amusing that Jay’s previous two albums are back in top 20 albums, LOL. (TWO, not just one, get that.) :DD

Move over, noobs. Jay is back. xDDD

Birthday post: Kangta.

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Happy 29th, Kangta! =)

It’s been 6 months since you enlisted into the army; how’s life been? You’ve been looking thinner lately, must be all the physical training. Still looking good, though ^^. Please do take care of yourself. Remember that we’re all waiting for your return! Kangta oppa hwaiting ♥.

(I actually never call any celebrities oppa, even the Shinhwa members, but well, I’d love to have an older brother like Kangta, so yeah xP. I had wanted to do a pimp post, but.. school, dieee D:.)

Eric’s enlistment.

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It’s goodbye for now, Eric. Please take care of yourself in the army, and come back healthy.

See you in 2 years ♥.

Another batch of performances.

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I was wondering whether he had stopped promoting Because of You, so I was really relieved to find recent performances of this song in Youtube ^^. (1 2 3) All of them are really good, but I especially love his outfit and the backdrop in the second one. (And I believe that I don’t need to say that Hyesung looks gorgeous xPP.) You know, I introduced this song to a friend of mine (who said that Shinhwa is too old for her, lol) and now she loves it a lot xDD.

I’ve been stalking Minwoo’s Don’t Trust Men performances too, by the way. These (1 2) are the latest ones. Minwoo is always hot, haha xD.

Lastly, Epik High’s comeback ^^! They performed Fallin’ (only one minute of it) and 1 Minute 1 Second; sounding really good. Tablo looks cute singing (and sounds good too). Their rappings are awesome as always! I don’t know why there were 2 girls feeling Tablo and Mithra up dancing by the side, though xP.

Epik High – 1 Minute 1 Second (feat. Taru)

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Credits: FlyAway87 @ youtube

The first single off their new mini album, Lovescream. So many good albums released consecutively; I haven’t even got around to listening to each album proper. But anyway! This^ MV is played backwards, it’s kinda cool. I love the scene of Tablo playing the piano; I was staring at his fingers lol. And the song itself is nice! Taru’s voice fits the song well and Tablo actually sang in it, he sounds good :D! The mini album has 7 songs, including the interludes. I think now they’re using less electric sounds and more of piano, which is quite a nice change. The instrumentals are so pretty *__*. I love Epik High so hard ♥. But I won’t tell you that I love Tablo as much xD.

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