081109 Dongwan – Promise (with Younha) at SBS Love Concert

November 10, 2008 at 12:07 am | Posted in performances, Shinhwa, Younha | 2 Comments
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credits: 2ubD @ youtube

Well, what can I say? They always sound great and look awesome ♥. I love Dongwan’s outfits, they make him look.. warm xD. Younha always looks pretty, and her earring is nice :)!

It’s Dongwan’s last performance before enlisting T___T.

Oh and this is really random, but I watched the SangSangPlus Wanjin cut, which has Dongwan talking about his single, which then led the MCs to start saying that he loves Younha, LOL. Dongwan then said that he likes Younha (I know it’s most probably only as a sunbae, but the MCs just ignored him and kept talking, lmao), but she doesn’t like him. I certainly hope that this isn’t true, ‘cos well, I actually secretly wish that the two will date. HAHA xD.



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  1. I feel bad for not commenting in your posts so here I am *hugs* XDDD hahaha

    I watched the Sang Sang Plus cut too and found it hilariously funny when he was serenading a bunch of guys ROFLMAO *clutches stomach*. His awkward face was just too cute. And he kept laughing. Gah I miss his laugh and his smiles 😦

  2. ^haha you don’t need to feel bad xP, but thanks for commenting anyway *hugs*.

    I miss Wannie too =(. But carmendove did a gifs spam for his birthday and it cheered me up a little ^^. Your awesome pimp post did too, anyway xD.

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