This is a blog that’s meant for me to blog about everything I’m into at the moment, which most of the time consist of random celebrities. So don’t expect any argumentative essays on world issues or anything similar, ‘cos what you see will be mainly incoherent fangirly posts.



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  1. Hello my fellow Shinhwa lover *waves* remember me? hahah..anyways i jus wanted to say that shinhwas new mv is OUT!!!!! XXDDD im so happy cuz i was dying from lack of shinhwa-ness. I swear those boys just went all quiet after their explosive concert -____- but all good now since their mvs out, their limited edition album is out and their albums gonna be officialy released soon so lets hope and pray *crosses fingers* that they’ll have some comeback performances or at least some appearances together on variety shows <3333

  2. Hi! Thanks for telling me about the mv! I’ve been busy lately (school’s killing me =X) so I haven’t been following their news that much. Gonna post about the mv in a minute. xD

  3. Just popping by to say hellooooo cuz I havent heard from you in ages haha XD. Exams? If so, goodluck!! <333

  4. ^Hello! I don’t think I’ll be updating this blog anymore until the end of next year, after my A Level. Gotta pull my grades up =X.

  5. Honey, where have you been?!! I haven’t heard from you in ages :((( I miss my Shinhwa spazzing friend. Have u heard Hyesung’s new song?! And omg did you see Eric’s preview for “Yes!”? And omg omg have u listened to FTTS’s new album!? ITS SO GOOD!!! I’m actually working on the review atm on imop. Come vist us sometime when you have time. I miss your comments hahahaha. Kk Goodluck with school!!


  6. Hi hi!
    I’m a younha lover and like shinhwa toooo! YOU’RE SO AWESOME FOR THE AWSM POSTS!!! Keep it up please!

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