Big Bang – Haru Haru (Day by Day)

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Credit: wondersmurf @ youtube

Leave me

Finally I realise
That I’m nothing without you
I was so wrong, forgive me

My heart breaks like the waves
My heart wavers like the wind
My love disappears like smoke
Like a tattoo, it doesn’t erase
I can only sigh
In my heart, only dust builds up
Say goodbye

Without you I couldn’t live for even a day
It’s different from what I thought
I’m living okay alone
I call out that I miss you but you don’t answer
My false hopes are now useless

Who is that person next to you?
Does he make you cry?
Can you even see me?
Or have you already completely forgotten me?
When I worry I can’t go to you, I can’t even talk to you
I struggle through the long night alone
And erase everything a hundred times

Don’t look back and leave
Don’t look for me and live
Because I loved you, because I don’t regret
Just take only the happy memories
I can stand it okay
I can endure through it okay
Through this you have to be happy
Day by day it fades away

Oh girl
I cry, I cry
Yo my all
Say goodbye

While walking if you and I
We bump into each other
Pretend that you didn’t see me
And go where you were going
If past memories keep coming back then
I might go looking for you

You have to always be happy with that person
So that I don’t change my heart
So that there won’t even be the slightest bit of hope
Live well, as if I’m watching

You’re always blue like the sky
And white like the floating clouds
You have to always laugh like that
As if there is nothing wrong


I hope that by leaving me
You’ll be at peace
Forget me and live
Your tears will all be dry
When the days pass

If we hadn’t met
It wouldn’t hurt so much
The promise that we would be together forever
I want you to bury it in our memories, baby
I pray for you


Oh girl
I cry, I cry
Yo my all
Say goodbye, bye
Oh my love
Don’t lie, lie
Yo my heart
Say goodbye


The single from Big Bang’s new 3rd mini album, and my new favourite song of theirs. *___* I’ve been listening to it non-stop since the day I heard it; it’s in top 10 most played songs in my iPod, lol. It’s just so catchy (as usual), but there’s this sad feeling to the song. My favourite part is Daesung’s “nunmureun~” falsetto 3:17 into the song (according to the MV above); it’s only 1 second long but gosh it’s just so nice, I don’t even know, gosh. I really love his voice, by the way, and I think he sounds especially good in this song. I like all his parts. ♥ I like T.O.P’s part in the middle of the song too, he sings that part more roughly or something. And Taeyang’s “baby” 3:36 into the song. And the way Seungri sings his first part. Oh and and GD’s English phrases, so saddd. D: Ohwells, I just love the whole song. ♥♥♥

About the MV; it’s about a girl who ditches her boyfriend (GD) for his friend (T.O.P) ‘cos she has cancer and is dying, even though she loves him. Hey, maybe that’s the whole point; she loves him so she doesn’t want him to be sad because of her illness. It sounds kinda screwed up, but that’s what I’ll do if I were her, I think. haha. Anyway. I don’t like GD’s hair, but he totally redeemed himself with his acting; his sadness is expressed very clearly at the end. ♥ T.O.P is the best-looking member, imo; he looks good as always. xD The other members look good too, but they don’t get as much screen time, haha.

I still can’t really differentiate Seungri and Taeyang’s voices. (Well, technically GD’s too, but I’ll assume that he’s the voice rapping other than T.O.P.) It’s kinda weird talking about people I don’t know anything about. I’m sounding superficial, lol. Hmm. I don’t care. xP I’m gonna add a “Big Bang” tag, ‘cos I think I may be talking more about them in the future. =D

Oh and today happens to be GD’s birthday; happy birthday GD! 😀


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