Birthday Post: Heo Young Saeng

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Happy 22nd, Youngsaeng! ^^ Stay healthy and be happy always :).

Youngsaeng! The least crazy and quietest member in SS501, but he can just save his voice for singing; I don’t mind :D! When I first heard him singing I thought that his voice sounds a lot like Ryeowook’s (from Suju), but now I think there’s a unique sound to both of their voices, they don’t sound identical. Besides his beautifuuuul voice and big range, Youngsaeng also has a good technique and he sings with emotion, which sums up why I love him =).

And hence, here’s a few clips of him singing. Seriously, check these out if you haven’t heard him sing before.

I Believe — His voice *____*.

I Will Do Well

Magic Castle

My Baby You — his English isn’t exactly wonderful but he sang this well, especially the high notes.

080808 Find on Music Bank — Youngsaeng just rocks this song =).


SS501 2009 Calendar making.

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*dies from all the cute*

The boys are looking great :). Love the Youngsaeng/Kyujong (Youngsaeng is looking so pretty in this shoot *__*), Hyungjoon/Jungmin fighting (they are so childish, LMAO), Kyujong’s solo (he’s so adorable, eh?), Hyunjoong/Youngsaeng (they look kinda awkward together, haha xP), and the 5-members scenes.

Here‘s the Japanese one. Cute dorks xD.

Can I get this calendar? haha.

080816 U-Kiss’ Showcase – SS501’s HyungJoon Visits

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^Hyungjoon coming to U-Kiss’ showcase in Japan; his younger brother Kibum (not Suju’s Kibum! xD) is in it. (He used to be in the boyband Xing.) Hyungjoon is the maknae of SS501 so we’ve never really seen him behaving like an older brother like in this video; he was all big-brotherly, hugging and touching Kibum’s face a lot. (There must be some SS501 fangirls in the audience; the screamings got louder when Hyungjoon touched Kibum’s face. xD) He seems like such a nice, friendly sunbae to the other members too. He’s really just too cute for words, seriously. That SMILE of his, omigosh. ♥♥♥ He was wearing a casual tee and black sunglasses; I like how he looked, from his hair to his get-up. ^^ (Even though I’d like to see his smiling eyes too. xP) Guh, I didn’t realise I’ve turned into such a fangirl. =X

Anyway, the members of U-Kiss seem really really young, and Kibum (he’s born in 1990) looks like his older brother. They’ve got the same fair skin! (So unfairrr.) Even the way they cry looks similar, lol! I wish them all the best. =)

And Hyungjoon, be happy always! ‘Cos really, your smile brings happiness to me a lot of people. ♥

SS501 080808 Music Bank – “Find” performance.

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Credit: quainte501 @ youtube

Their 2nd performance of the song; I personally prefer this one better as their voices sound more stable. Love the orchestra, Triple S’ chanting and singing along. The boys look and sound good. (I realised that I really do love Hyungjoon’s voice a lot, gosh.) Youngsaeng’s hair is getting a tad too long, but heck, he owned the stage. ♥

I’ve been away because of some irritating eye infection (long story -.-), so a random little picspam to celebrate my recovery! xD

RICSUNG. They love each other, Hyesung is just too shy to admit it. xP

Yes, Hyesung belongs to Eric. xD

DBSK A WEEK HOLIDAY. (or is it It’s Stylish or whatever?) I like Bonjour Paris better than this photobook, but heck, Changmin looks so good here. *___*


DOUBLE HJ. Probably my favourite pairing in SS501. Or is it Minjoon? Erm. IDEK. xD

Credits: soompi+Shinhwa Changjo+Quainte+as tagged.S

That’s it for now. ^^

Birthday Post: Kim Hyung Joon.

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Happy 21st, Hyungjoon! ^^ Stay healthy and happy! =)

My favourite member in SS501. ♥ Me liking him more than the rest probably has something to do with his smile; he’s just so ADORABLE, guh. Seriously, I’ve never seen him not looking cute, and that has nothing to do with me being biased. xD

I am still new to SS501, so I’m really not qualified to write a pimp post on any of the members, even if it’s my favourite member. =( I’ll do one next year or something, when I’m qualified enough. xP

Singing Neyo’s So Sick — His English sounds good and he sang the song really well. I love his voice; actually it’s my favourite voice in the band (but technically, my favourite singer is Youngsaeng). Like I said here, I used to think that it sounds nasally, but now I really do love it. =D

Mission cut from Mnet School of Rock — His mission was to do sexy dance while being a parking assistant; at first he was more reserved but after a while seemed to enjoy himself. It’s so funny how he started doing all the waves and stuff. xDD


Again, happy birthday, Hyungjoon! =)

We Got Married Hyunjoong/Hwangbo ep 14

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part 1 2

This episode is just so freakin’ funny, like OMG. I mean, Hyunjoong is always funny, but the previous few episodes weren’t as funny. In the beginning, Alex and ShinAe came back to the studio (YAYYY), and the MC asked Hyunjoong who is prettier, ShinAe or Hwangbo. Hyunjoong answered that the two styles are too different; Hwangbo is South-East-Asian (lol) while ShinAe is European. But then he said that he preferred “Asian style.” =)

In this episode, basically they were supposed to go on a vacation, and so they went to the man-made beach. First they did a bit of warm-up exercises, and Hyunjoong “helped” her at one point (dunno how to explain =X), and the audience was going wild ‘cos of the skinship lol. In the previous episode, Hyunjoong said that he can dive very well, so Hwangbo threw her sunglasses for him to dive and get it. He wanted to get it, but the man-made wave came and hence he couldn’t.

Then it showed Hyunjoong’s interview, where he said some funny things about training his “inner strength” so that next time he’d be able to get it. The point is: when asked if he’d get it if anyone throws it, he said that it has to be “Hwangbuin” (buin=wife; he’s been calling her that throughout the show xD) who throws it, if not he’d be like a puppy. Then he continued, “I want to become Hwangbuin’s puppy” with that biggg smile of his. OMG THAT WAS SO SWEET. ♥

Next it showed the couple back at the beach, playing with the wave. Apparently Hwangbo was tired and couldn’t move or something so Hyunjoong dragged her around, lol. Then they came out and Hwangbo was all tired, so she said that she’s old, and asked whether Hyunjoong isn’t tired, but he said, “Because I’m still young!” loll. Hyunjoong kept asking Hwangbo to rest ‘cos “she didn’t look too good” and teased her about her age haha. They rested on the long bench and Hwangbo asked him for any “special service” since she was tired, and he wanted to give her a foot massage! But obviously she jumped by a mile and refused. (‘cos he’s an idol and fear of the fans? -.-)

It showed Hwangbo’s interview next, and she commented on how the warm-up exercise that was supposed to make her relax made her more nervous, and the caption said “foot massage -> leg cramp” LOL. Back at the beach, Hwangbo said she wanted water, so Hyunjoong went, but he ended up walking to the beach and scooped a handful of water hahahaha. Then they played the “catching game” again, but this time Hwangbo was supposed to catch Hyunjoong, and they also bet on ice cream. Hyunjoong said he’d run slowly but he still ran very fast, so she couldn’t catch him and so she lost the bet. (She looked a bit pissed to.) But they ended up buying a can of beer to share, haha.

They sat down under the shade and drank, but they got silent so it was awkward. When Hwangbo said this to Hyunjoong, he told her to think of something else, pointed at a horse statue fountain and said, “That one there, is Jungmin spitting saliva.” lol! Then they talked about Chakra (Hwangbo used to be in that girlband), and Hyunjoong said he thought Hwangbo was an Indian hahaha. He even invented an Indian name for her, “Al-ma-ja-ha-de” ROFL. They talked some more about Chakra; everything was funny haha.

Then the went back to the beach and met the CrownJ/InYoung couple (another couple on the show which I apparently have to watch too ‘cos I watched Come To Play – WGM Special and they seemed so comfortable with each other), and ended up playing with the waves together. That ended this episode!

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo seem much more comfortable with each other as compared to the last episode, but that’s when they are doing something and don’t need to sit down and talk, lol. Can’t wait for the next episode! ^^

random songs. xP

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I uploaded a few songs, either by request or ‘cos I felt like sharing them. So I’m gonna put the whole list here. Do try these songs out; they’re all really good. ^^

Alex – 화분 (Flowerpot)Alex sang for ShinAe in the 8th episode of We Got Married when they were about to part (here). (that was so touching and sad T.T) The lyrics are like, totally directed to ShinAe. Anyway, his voice is very soothing and nice.

Angela Zhang – 亲爱的,那不是爱情 — Obviously you know that Angela Zhang is a very good singer with a very big range. This song is a ballad; the tune is nice and it’s composed by Jay. xP I don’t know what’s up with the forest thing in the MV though.

Brian – 검은눈물 (gumunnunmul) — One of the songs off his solo album. It sounds really really sad.

Dong Bang Shin Ki – Kissしたまま、さよなら — This song is SO SAD, right from the beginning where Yoochun sounded like he was choked on tears to Jaejoong’s “Sayonara~~” at the end. I still don’t get what’s with “longway people” (it still sounds like “lonely people” to me), but heck. They sound good and that’s it. It’s composed by Micky and Jaejoong too. ^^

Epik High – Lesson One (Tablo’s Word) — Tablo’s rapping is awesome. The lyrics are good!

Epik High – Fan — A very catchy song. I like the lyrics! (I posted it here) The MV is creepy, but so good.

Fly to the Sky – Condition of My Heart — The first FTTS song that I listened to. It’s an R&B song that was composed by Brian McKnight for them. The actress who acted in the MV is really pretty, Hwanhee looks good and Brian is as cute as ever. xD

Fly to the Sky – 가슴아파도 (Even though my heart aches) — This song was the soundtrack for the drama Fashion 70s. Vocal showcase for the boys. =)

Fly to the Sky – 남자답게 (Like a Man) — The first single off FTTS’ 6th album, Transition. A pretty ballad by FTTS. Look out for Hwanhee’s ad-lib at the end! The boys look hot in the MV. 8D

Fly to the Sky – 피 (避) (Blood) — The 2nd single after Like A Man, and the MV is a continuation from that song also. Lucky girl got to kiss both Brian and Hwanhee! xD I think Brian’s voice suits this song very well.

Fly to the Sky – 내 눈물 모아 (My Tears Together) — One of the songs off their latest remake album, Recollection. Like I said here, I just LOVE this song. Period.

Jay Chou – 以父之名 — The first single off his 4th album, 葉惠美. The beginning of the song can be kinda creepy, but I like it! Jay acted as some Yakuza member in the MV, I think.

Jay Chou – 晴天 — This song is very simple, very relaxing. It doesn’t sound like a sad song, but the lyrics are actually quite sad. Jay had his first on-screen kiss in the MV, and he played the cello! 8D

Jay Chou – 黄金甲 — The soundtrack for Jay’s 2nd movie, Curse of the Golden Flower. It’s kinda rock-ish and I like Jay’s voice here. I think he looked very good with his hair like that in the MV, but the purple suit thing is a no-no. =X

Kangta – Propose — A very sweet song. The MV is oh-so-cute; about a pair of high school students. ^^

Kim Dongwan – My Love (feat. Eric) — At first I didn’t really like this song, but after a while, it grew on me. It’s catchy and Dongwan’s ad-lib at the end is so good. It’s composed by Minwoo, and unless my ears are playing tricks on me, he sang a teeny little bit at the end of the song.

Lee Minwoo – Girl Friend — The thing about Minwoo is that he expresses his emotions very well with his voice. The song is sad enough without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, but the lyrics makes me die, every time. And the MV is even sadder. T.T He looks hot in it though. xP

Lee Minwoo – 너뿐이라고 (Untouchable Part II) — My favourite Minwoo song. It’s off his 3rd album, Explore M (awesome album!). I love how he seemed to shout out of agony near the end of the song. ♥

Shinhwa – How Do I Say — Quite an upbeat song. It makes me happy~ ^^ The lyrics are cute and the boys look good in the MV.

SS501 – Fighter — It’s a dance song, the tune is catchy and the MV is quite hot. I like Jungmin’s hair like that and Youngsaeng looks good with the hair extensions. I think Hyungjoon’s voice really suit this song; my favourite part in the whole song is actually his “Come on I don’t wanna fight” part in the beginning of the chorus.

SS501 – 널 부르는 노래 (A Song Calling for You) — The first SS501 song that I listened to. It’s addictive~! lalalalala. The MV is cutee too; Hyunjoong looks so good in that cowboy outfit and that hair.

Super Junior – So I — A nice ballad. I love Kang In’s falsetto here!

Super Junior – 미워 (Hate U, Love U) — My favourite Suju song, ever. (So I comes close after.) Everyone just sounds so nice here. And the lyrics are sad.


Please comment if you download, and don’t post these direct links anywhere. =)

More SS501 videos! xD

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More SS501 videos! (Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. xP)

Thanks for Waking Me Up (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Basically Park Kyung Lim went to the boys’ apartment once a week trying to wake them up in the morning. They look so normal without their make-up, ruffled hair and in their pajamas. Kyujong is always the first to wake up (he’s such a good boy ♥), Hyungjoon’s voice is hoarse in the morning (he’s so cute in this xD), Youngsaeng being so image-conscious (he checks his hair first thing lol), Jungmin being so violent at anybody who tried to wake him up but became tame once you put a carrot in his mouth LOL (he kicked, pulled and bit them haha), and Hyunjoong who is just such a deep sleeper, it’s almost impossible to wake him up (he slept through ice being put into his clothes, dogs walking all over him, make-up put on his face, etc). They then went to PKL’s house in the last episode to take revenge, lol. The whole thing is adorable, really. =)

KM Idol World (1st parts of ep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — This is just so SO hilarious. It was filmed when the boys just went to Japan, and they had to do some missions. Jungmin’s and Kyujong’s Japanese are quite good. I don’t wanna write an essay, so just some highlights: Hyungjoon and Jungmin (they called themselves Minjun lol) bickering throughout the 7 episodes (they’re sooo dramatic; doing impromptu acting, “breaking up”, wrestling on the bed, etc etc), Hyungjoon’s birthday prank (he cried aww), Hyungjoon being all scared for the cemetery segment (while Hyunjoong got through it like it was nothing, lol), them being blown by the strong wind (Jungmin’s umbrella lmao) and the mini drama they did (kinda creepy but good!). After watching this, I’m convinced that Jungmin and Hyunjoong are crazy. Jungmin is crazy in the loud and obvious type (he is on crack 100% of the time, seriously, they should give him some acting roles!), while Hyunjoong is the random and once-in-a-while-you-can-tell-that-he’s-actually-insane type. The whole group is crazy, actually. ♥

in PKL Wonderful Outing (1 2 3 4 5 6) — First they talked for a bit (one of the MCs asked if Hyungjoon put flour on his face rofl, his skin is just very fair xP); Hyunjoong was supposed to answer some questions but he went totally off-topic and explained that he just woke up. lol cute leader! ♥ For the next segment, “Silhouette Chatting”, the MCs ‘kidnapped’ Jungmin in advance (and interrogated him), and the members had to find him amongst the 4 people behind the screen. First the members talked about Jungmin (mostly bad stuff haha) while Jungmin sat behind the screen looking framed. Then they were asked some questions, like about whether they fought before, watching porn (lol Hyungjoon totally dug his own grave xD), ideal girls (they talked about SNSD; Youngsaeng’s so shyyy, he likes Taeyeon! Hyunjoong’s “Getting older now, liking younger friends” was so funny haha). Next they competed to grab a bath stool (too lazy to explain =X), and Kyujong seemed like he was getting injured a lot, but he won in the end. Then suddenly Jungmin cried ‘cos he said that Kyujong really wanted that stool, but you can see the other members looking like they thought he was acting. haha. LOL at Hyunjoong’s “When I’m awake, the recording is over.” And Hyungjoon laughed so much in this show; he’s cute! xD

Hyunderella — The title should tell you that this is so RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY. I don’t even know what to say since everything is so hilarious. They went to a holiday with a kid, and in the beginning there’s a lot of goofing around karaoke-ing. Then they acted out Hyunderella, where Hyunjoong became Cinderella, Jungmin the step-sister, Youngsaeng the step-mother, Hyungjoon the prince, and Kyujong the magician. Have you seen Cinderella, the step-sister and step-mother dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, and the prince dancing to JT’s Sexyback before? Not to mention the ending, where Hyunderella ended up with the magician and the prince with the step-sister. It’s such a CRACK, really. LOL.

Hyunjoong and Jungmin flicking each other on camera — Like I said, Hyunjoong and Jungmin are crazy. Youngsaeng was being interviewed and the two were supposed to film him (I think) but they were actually flicking each other and stuff. It may not sound funny, but it is. lol. And Kyujong at the back dying of laughter; he’s so cute! xP

I listened to their Korean songs, and honestly, they’re not bad at all! Their debut album is really good. Their dance songs are catchy (like seriously catchy, I’m still trying to get Deja Vu out of my head), the happy songs are cute and they make me happy, while their ballads are pretty too (shut up, I’m just a sucker for ballads xP). Youngsaeng’s voice is just SO NICE, guh. (He’s the quietest, but it’s okay; he can just reserve his voice for singing. xD) I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s the best singer in the group, such control! 8D I can almost differentiate Kyujong and Hyunjoong’s voices, but the rest are distinguishable. I uploaded A Song Calling For You (not the best song to showcase their vocals, but it’s the first song of theirs I heard), so give it a listen! Like I said, it’s addictive. LALALALALA~ =D


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Star Golden Bell ep 184 with Brian, Epik High (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Brian is cutee to the max (and friendly too!); it was hilarious when the MC said that Julian Kang (one of the guests) said before, “Brian is so cute, I want to carry him on my shoulders”, and he even elaborated by saying, “Brian is so short, he probably can’t see anything in the middle of a crowd.” hahahaha. And the small kid Dong Hyun said that a duck has a sexy behind (butt), but when asked said that Brian’s is sexier, which led the MC to ask Brian to show it. LOL. (he actually has a nice body xDD) Epik High members are cute too. I think Mithra is adorable (he kinda failed at addition in the beginning lol) so I don’t know why they were teasing him about his face. It was quite saddening to hear the nicknames Tablo has got because of his looks, but whatever, he’s cute. I wish they’d show more of DJ Tukutz, though. The whole show is funny, by the way.

Star Golden Bell ep 186 with Dongwan (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) — Same show as above^. Dongwan’s smile seriously KILLS, okay. It was so funny when he gave out weird health suggestions after being called a “walking pharmacy”. He’s just so witty and humorous throughout; once he answered “Junjin” when asked who is sexy, lol. And he looks good; you totally can’t tell that he’s 28. SS501 was also there. (I’m gonna check out their videos!) I like how some of the guests there said Dongwan’s name as “Kim Dongwan sunbae-nim.” ^^ And I’ve said this quite a lot of times, but Dongwan is a good actor. =) And and I LIKE DONG HYUN! He’s so cute, guh. His favourite singer is Andy and he said Dongwan is “a kind person”, plus he’s smart and is a fan of Shinhwa. xD

SS501 on Sukira (1 2 3 4 5) — This can get very long so some highlights: Jungmin’s self-obsessiveness (he sounds like Heechul lol), Hyungjoon being so cute throughout (the funny stories about UFO kidnapping a cow and the one where he “ran away from home” for only 6 hours lol) Hyunjoong talking about Hwangbo (she should totally watch it), their ideal girls (Hyungjoon’s is BoA and he was so shy about it; he’s so cute lol), singing A Song Calling For You (it’s addictive; lalalalala), stories of their trainee years (Kyujong talked about how Jungmin held him back from leaving when he almost gave up =) (Kyujong comes across as a nice guy), Hyunjoong talked about how they would bond over ramen and apple juice, Hyungjoon talked about some people who acted friendly after he debuted), and Hyunjoong singing Rain really well at the end (despite being slightly off-tempo xP).

SS501 on School of Rock (1 2 3) — First was the yes/no questions. In the end the verdict was that Youngsaeng and Jungmin are normal, Hyunjoong is going towards psycho, and Hyungjoon is already psycho LOL. (I think they cut Kyujong’s part out.) Then they were assigned missions; (Hyunjoong’s was canceled due to the PD’s lack of preparations) Hyungjoon’s was to do a sexy wave while being a parking assistant. At first Hyungjoon was more reserved, but later looked like he was totally enjoying himself and it was sooo funny. Then the ceremony for the students began and the school mascot, “Little S” entered. It danced with the students and seriously it was HILARIOUS when it started staggering ‘cos of its heavy big head and eventually fell. It turned out that Boom was in the costume, haha. So the School of Rock was revealed, the boys sang Four Chance and they played the “5 words” game, where fans made requests. A fan got a group hug, Kyujong sang for one (his voice is nice), Jungmin and Hyunjoong did some sexy dance for one. One fan was like, “Come seduce me.” At first the boys danced a little, then Hyunjoong danced around her; I’d have totally died lol. Another fan was like, “Can I touch you?” (LOL) and Jungmin was like, “Where do you want to touch?” hahaha. Then they sang another song (which sounds nicee). Youngsaeng’s voice sounds a lot like Ryeowook’s. Then some girls danced and I was.. quite horrified. (one girl crawled between their legs o.0) Last they sang Coward. ^^

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